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Over Fishing Bluefin Tuna In Japan

Our Presentation On Over Fishing Bluefin Tuna In Japan :)

Wai :)

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Over Fishing Bluefin Tuna In Japan

Over Fishing Bluefin Tuna In Japan
Over-Fishing is when people catch too many fish to quickly for the fish to breed and sustain their population. there will be fewer and fewer until there will be no more fish close to around 2050 according to scientists.
Why Is All Of This Happening?
This Problem started decades ago when we first started to fish. There has been a 96.4% drop in population since we started fishing. In 2010 scientists predicted that in 2013 the stocks would collapse entirely. Japan eats 80% of the world bluefin tuna yet they won't join any agreement to ban international trading. On top of that, bluefin tuna's take 48 years for them to sexually mature, therefore they breed a lot slower then other animals. 15% of all the bluefin tuna caught are only 3 years or younger. 90% of the bluefin tuna haven't reached their reproductive age. We keep catching more fish than the fish can breed.
What Can We Do To Help?
What happens if we don't do anything?
It has been said that a ban I necessary but Masanori Miyahara said "Japan will not join any international agreement to ban trade in Atlantic Bluefin Tuna." Right now Japan lowered the maximum amount caught by 15% but hopefully Japan can be convinced to match the American proposal at 25%. The best solution for this problem is to stop eating bluefin tuna till the numbers can recover. Without enforcements, being polite to fisherman is useless. When theres a high market demand, it' hard to conserve a species.
By: Isabel and Wai-Ling 8D
What is Overfishing?
If we do nothing, the bluefin tuna will definatly go extinct. There has already been a huge decline in stocks. Stocks could collapse entirely within the next year. Each fish carries a huge capacity. they are the tigers of the sea. without such a successful predator, their prey will over populate and create an unbalanced ecosystem, that can lead to other issues that can also have a huge impact on humans. some issues that can happen with the extinction on the bluefin tuna is a loss of nutritious protein for tuna eaters. Also, it will hurt economies of
many countries.
Bluefin tuna demand is rising all over the world and it will keep going. There is no way that the population will recover if they continue to fish bluefin tuna at this rate. 1 fish in Japan was sold for 1 million £. "I wonder how much the last fish will cost"
-Amanda Nickson







Thank you for listening to our presentation. We hope you all learned something new about japanese overfishing
Bluefin tuna must migrate to find food and to breed. japanese fishermen know when the fish are going to pass the waters around japan. They use planes to spot the migrating fish even though it has been outlawed 15 years ago. they set net traps and fish thousands of pounds of fish. the fish cannot escape. They do not stand a chance. there is no question the fish will go extinct. the question is when.
How do the fisherman do hunt them?
is not going to be the same in the future as the past. : ted danson
we must do something. its time to take action : ted danson
blue fin is most iconic fish in the sea
roberto mielgo: people making millions by decimating a species. some fishermen will stop at nothing
bluefin is most immediate crises: ted danson
king of tuna hunted to extinction
scientists recommended catch of 15000 tons annually to ovoid collapse
recovery: 10000 tons
minister voted for : 29500 tons 3 times what it should be
what the actual catch is: 61000 tons 1/3 of the bluefin tuna population
the question isnt if they will collapse, the question is when
they use planes to spot the migrating fish even though its been outlawed 10 years ago and fish
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