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What truly defines a Filipino? (English work)

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Mikee Turano

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of What truly defines a Filipino? (English work)

What defines us truly as Filipinos?
The Mannerisms of the Filipinos
"You can put a Filipino out of the Philippines, but you can never take the Philippines out of the Filipino."
-Elain Balderas
The way we are raised
As kids, we were taught to say "po" and "opo" to those who are older than us and that tradition still stands nowadays. Same as saying "Ate", "Kuya" or asking for the hand of the elder people so that you can bless your forehead with it. These were introduced to us as kids to show respect and so as we are growing, we continue being respectful because we are raised like this as Filipinos.
Hypocritical Filipinos
Sadly, this is one of the things that define us as citizens of the Philippines. We keep mocking and/or hating on our country and everything in it while having no reservations sharing what we feel in the internet. But when a foreigner says a bad thing about our country, we suddenly rise up and defend the Philippines? It's really hypocritical and is very much true even if we're not aware of it.
World-Class Talent
As the only catholic country in Asia, we are defined through our religion because this is where we base the morals we have. We follow how God wants us to be as His creations and that becomes our basis on how to live our lives to its fullest. All the Filipinos know what's wrong and right in our country based on the Lord's teachings and this reflects on how we interact with other people.
We'll always have our mannerisms wherever we go, and that's one of the things that define us as Filipinos. Even if we're not in our own country, the little things we do (unconsciously or not) makes us stand out in a crowd.
If you pay attention to different sources of media, you'd notice how people are being recognized all over the world, by their talent, through videos and some of the most famous now are either Filipinos or half-Filipinos. Somehow this defines us because when other countries know that you're from the Philippines they'll probably say like: "Filipino? Isn't that half of who Jessica Sanchez is??", "Doesn't Lea Salonga live in the Philippines?" or "Isn't Darren Criss from Glee, half-Filipino?".
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