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5 Themes of Geography in Iowa

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Rebecca Lamas

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of 5 Themes of Geography in Iowa

5 Themes of Geography in Iowa
Iowa is between the Mississippi and the Missouri River Valley.
Region of Iowa
Goods Iowa has is crops and we move the them by semis.
Movement of Iowa
3 ways humans are adapting to their in environment. Humans wear different kind of cloths in different seasons. Humans put heating vents in the home so when its winter they have heat. People in Iowa farm in the spring and summer and harvest in the fall.
Environment Interaction
Absolute location
Relative location
You can go to Nebraska then go east to get to Iowa, or you can go to. Missouri and go north to Iowa.
Longitude- 89 degrees west.
Latitude-40 degrees north.
Location of Iowa
3 physical characteristic of Iowa are. The Raccoon River, corn fields, and we are bored by the Mississippi and Missouri River.
3 Human Characteristic are. Hog logs , shopping malls, Starbucks.
A specific place in Iowa is the capitol building.
How people in Iowa change their environment. We build buildings and highways. They cut down the trees for home. Right now Iowa is building new roads on the highway.
Ideas get by phone, email, and facebook.
People get round by cars, planes,trains.
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