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No description

Kenneth Xi

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Flexcibility

Good work-life balance
Higher quality of life
Recognized personal efforts
Financial rewards directly linked to performance (http://www.aia.com.sg/reachthetop/what.html)

Less "paper-discrimination
Recruitment Information Sharing
Efficiency in wealth accumulation
Good financial prospect (insert an income comparison chart)
Equity is more efficient than fixed salary
Past efforts are financially rewarded today
Wealth is accumulated exponentially instead linearly(do a calculation)
More educated mass means less sales efforts
Awareness of the importance of insurance coverage
Insufficiency of CPF
More importance placed on the investment component of policies
Why choose AIA
Work with the best to be the best
Be your own boss
supportive team leader
No energy wasted on office politics
Good competition and motivation mechanism
Good career development path
Financial Consultant
as a profession

Positive and energetic
Task-oriented as well as people-oriented
Good interpersonal skills
Ability to communicate logically and persuasively
Personal charm and impression management
Good time management skills
Disciplined (With flexibility comes responsibility)
The importance of proper planning
Empathy and responsibility for the clients
Aim to build long-term relationships
Integrity and sincerity
Diligence and perseverance
Ability to handle rejections positively
we are looking for
Opportunities and benefits
New trends in financial planning
Increased needs
Prosperity in Asia especially in Singapore facilitates financial planning
Opportunity to build a team
The Profession of Financial Planner was rated the best job in the United States by the "Jobs Rated Almanac" (2001) in terms of income, stress, physical demands, professional growth and security.
Better educated market
Be a world traveler with us
Medical care
Recognition Awards
External and internal training
Ability to Work with corporate & business-owners
Exposure to people from various wards of life

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