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The Crusades & the Bubonic Plague

No description

R Rosso

on 5 September 2018

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Transcript of The Crusades & the Bubonic Plague

The Crusades & the Bubonic Plague
At first, Muslim rulers were tolerant to Christians in Jerusalem- allowed to visit

In 1009 AD-
The Church of the Holy Sepulchre
destroyed (site of Jesus' crucifixion)

Muslims also wanted to capture Constantinople -> access to location for trade; link between the east and west

Clash between both sides was
(about to happen)...

The Start of the Crusades...
Information of a biased or misleading nature used to promote, persuade, or publicize a particular cause or point of view

How do you spot it? What do you look for?


ACAPs Overview & Example
While the Crusades unfold between Christian Europe and a Muslim Middle-East, another force takes hold in Western Europe that will plunge the Middle Ages into their lowest point...

What do you know about 'The Plague'?
Discussion Questions following video...
Today's Question...

How did people during the 14th century understand the Bubonic Plague?

Primary Source Activity
2. How did the atmosphere of Florence contribute to the spread and eventual mass casualties of the Black Death?

2. In what specific ways did society break down during the plague?

(1) Assigned Primary Source Reading (Document A
Document B)

(2) Read 'A Letter from the Town Council'
'Life After the Black Death' on launchpad

(3) Read over Characters of the Past List

Unit 1, Quiz #3- Tuesday, 9.4

* Content from 8.28 & 8.30

* Includes 'The Spread of Islam Reading' and the reading below...

* Read 'The First Crusade' on launchpad and watch video link in same article

(1) With a partner, read Pope Urban II's speech

(2) With your partner, either evaluate 'ACA' or 'APS'.

(3) Meet with another group when directed to share your findings
Skill: Analyze and evaluate the Author, Context, Audience, Purpose, & Significance of historical images, text, and sources

Primary vs. Secondary Sources

In your notebook, complete ACAPs for the following image...
The Crusades

Although there was violence and brutality by the Muslims, it was exaggerated for propaganda purposes- Instilled anger and revenge in Christians

With a partner...

1) Highlight 5 places in the speech where propaganda is being used

2) Discuss your findings- why are each of these parts considered propaganda? What the purpose behind each part?
Identifying Propaganda
(1) Read 'The Fall of Constantinople' on Launchpad

(2) Begin to review Unit 1 study guide for review on Monday

Reminder: Unit One Exam next Wednesday, September 12th
Pope Urban II's Speech- Using Propaganda
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