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William Lu: Contemporary Dancer and Choreographer

DANCE 101: Final Project

Jamile Tellez Lieberman

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of William Lu: Contemporary Dancer and Choreographer

Double click anywhere & add an idea Before the Fame... Impact on the Dance World
1. Broken the gender-dominated background
of dance.
2. Maintained ballet as a contemporary dancer.
3. Inspired by basic movements (jumping) and
personal experience.
4. Supports the use of improvisation. Bibliography William Lü: Contemporary Dancer and Choreographer Innovative use of movement Has overcome obstacles to pursue his dreams Brings a fresh prespective and originality Why William?? Childhood
Born: April 21, 1978 in Taiwan
Family: Mother, Father and a Sister
Obsession with flying-200 chicken wings and superman costumes
Father's disapproval-getting grounded
Martial arts and swimming
Chapman University in O.C. California
-originally studied film as an undergraduate
-had a passion for the arts
-casually took a dance class, the flying feeling :)
Audition for Student Choreography Show
-impressive jumps
-makes the audition and gets attention from dance department!
A year later, offered a scholarship if he switched majors-HE SAID YES!! What Inspires Him to Dance??
1. Inherited love for the arts.
-mother as a painter and actress.
2. Film left him feeling unsatisfied.
-felt he himself should be the art.
3. Troubled past
-father was physically/mentally abusive.
-dance was therapy.
-fostered "renewed human interraction" and led to "self-discovery and higher self-esteem".
William Lü Style
Ballet and Modern dance most influential
Improvisation=imperative for dance curriculum
-"help dancers understand their bodies"
-refreshes stage technique
- use of drama: "Jolly Lolly Holiday"
- combines modern dance, post-modern dance and ballet
-alot of jumps and acrobatics
-use of spirals: Graham technique
-movement often in the air, childhood obsession with flying
makes "light" movement
-group work, pairs, solos
-controlled movement
-big, externalized movement In the Classroom...
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance (2002)
Teachers and Textbooks:
Ballet-Amy Bates
Modern-Doug Varone, Jennifer Backhaus
Jazz-Tiffany Billings
Tap-Brandee Williams, Donna Cucunato
Ballroom-Jeff Garza
Hip-Hop-Kari Jensen, Time Stevenson
Acting/Drama-Tamiko Washington

Teaching and Awards
Resident falculty-Saddleback Dance Center
Substitute Instructor, modern & jazz-Chapman University
Recieved the Engman Award-Dance Under the Stars Choreography festival
Best Choreography Award-Chapman University

1. "Earrach"-Springtime (2008)

2. "Jolly Lolly Holiday" (2001) What Now??
Projects in the Works
-wants to capture dance on film
-has choreographed several new dances
Site-specific Dances
-dances choreographed and performed in random places
-have to follow clues on Twitter to find out where dances are going to be performed
Moving to the Netherlands in the fall-BIG center for dance Lights, Camera, Action!!!

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Lü, William, chor. Red Autumn. By comp. Fred Hersch. Perf. Tawny Chapman. McCallum Theater, Palm Desert. 3 Sept. 2003. Performance. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=968527

Lü, William. Telephone interview. 21 Apr. 2010.
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