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Influencia del desarrollo tecnológico en el desarrollo cultu

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on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Influencia del desarrollo tecnológico en el desarrollo cultu

One of the first researchers of the topic was McLuhan, who posed the following four questions to answer on each particular technology:
What he creates, creates or enables?
What it preserves or increases?
What recovers or revalued?
What replaces or makes obsolete?
Each culture distributed differently performing the functions and the enjoyment of its benefits. As the introduction of new technologies modifies and replaces human functions, when the changes are sufficiently generalized you can also alter human relationships, generating a new social order. Technologies are not independent of culture, integrate with it inseparable socio-technical system.
The technologies available in a culture conditioned their form of organization, as well as the worldview of a culture conditions the technologies that is ready to use.
The main purpose of technology is to transform the human environment (natural and social), to adapt it better to the needs and human desires. This process uses natural resources (land, air, water, materials, energy sources...) and people who provide information, labor and market for technological activities.
It is no secret that talk technology means talking about development and evolution. The influence of technology involves both positive and negative aspects that govern our society; is because of this that can have the selection, development and use of technologies varied impacts on all aspects of daily living human and nature.
This questionnaire can be extended to help better identify impacts, positive or negative, of each technological activity both on people and on its culture, society and the environment:
Practical impact
Symbolic impact
Technological impact
Environmental impact
Ethical impact
Epistemological impact

Some of the main impacts of the technology are:
• Deforestation.
• The pollution of soils, water and the atmosphere.
• Global warming.
• The reduction of the ozone layer.
• Acid rain.
• The extinction of plant and animal species.
• Desertification by the use of bad farming practices.

Being critical and argumentative, the technologies are neither good nor bad. Ethical judgments are not applicable to technology, but to the use that is made of it: the technology can be used to fabricate a rocket and bombing a country, or to send food to an area marked by famine. When the technology is under the Dominion of the non-profit, used mainly for monetary gain, which can generate subjective prejudices towards the technology itself and its function.
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