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Camp Make A Change

No description

shaikilia coleman

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Camp Make A Change

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Mission Statement
Goals and Purpose
Self concept-
someone who makes judgments and beliefs based upon their ability to perform.
Power & Politics
Cultural Diversity
-Diversity is nothing more than a difference from the majority. In any culture there s a majority and many minorities. Culture is a set of norms that set standards for a society of what is acceptable behavior.

Camp Make A Change
Members and Facility
Social Trap-
When individuals are not understanding and or are on terms with one another

Our mission here at Camp Make a Change is to make a strong and powerful influence in family’s lives who are struggling to lose weight. Our goal is to find out what goals you and your family want to reach. Throughout the summer program we, will reach challenges that you have never reached and overcome any fears you may have by teaching you how to make better meals and coming together as a family.
How it applies-to our business-will be having once a week progress meetings. In these meetings, the families will have a chance to discuss their progress, and have the opportunity to speak about notices of change. Some families may state that their fear is no one will love them, or that they will never lose the weight
having a result behind the goals and achievements.
How it applies-camp make a change values any and all families, who which to better their lives through fitness and a healthy lifestyle.
How it applies:
Camp Make a Change allows anyone of any age, color or race to join this summer program. This could help others understand an individuals background and learn more information from it. It could help others in the program to overcome differences and learn to respect it as well.
How it Applies-Our job is to help them feel welcomed and that this is a safe place, by helping them express how they feel within a comfortable environment, will not only give them the confidence to lose the weight, but the confidence to build their self-esteem.

Gender Roles
-different views on how men and women contribute their ideas and needs in and out of the workplace
How It Applies-When bringing different genders into a my business, I want to hire the best on my team. By having the best female and male coaches in the camp will create a successful outcome. In addition, the female coaches will work with the girls and women of the family and the male coaches will work with the males and boys of the family.
Children & Education
Expectation & Performance
Eliminating any self-presumed expectations because of ones gender will improve performance
How it Applies- The more positive feedback the children receive based off their performance will give them more motivation to improve both learning and performance wise here at our camp.

Foot In The Door Phenomenon
by implying a reward or incentive at the end of the progress made will create a good understanding of your point of views.
How it Applies-So here at Camp Make a Change I will separate them from the parents; so in which we can have the children comply with our request to be determined to work out and lose the weight; in a positive manner.
Economics,Leisure& Work
Social Facilitation
-doing better in order to receive the attention demand by others
How it Applies-the staff they are going to receive a minimum of 25 hours per week with weekends off. In addition, those who face a huge challenge, such as losing a massive amount of weight I want to make sure myself and my staff; are taking the right steps and getting to the root of the problem on why the members in the family are having a hard time losing the weight.
Sex roles & Gender Differences
-Conversely, low levels of self-esteem have been linked to negative developmental outcomes such as depression, post traumatic stress symptoms and anxiety, conduct problems and delinquency,
How it Applies-We will use certain techniques to make you feel good about your weight. For example, we’ll have you yell out loud to tell yourself everyday that you deserve to feel good about yourself. We will act as “life-coaches” and give you ideas so you won’t have low self-esteem. Examples would be to be non-judgmental, practice meditation and have compassion for yourself.

Racism & Sexism
-Creating a safe environment for people to express themselves in a qualitative way
How It Applies- Having different types of women and men in the workplace, will allow the member to view different opinions from different types of backgrounds and ethnic groups.
Science & Technology
Borderline Personality Disorder
-people who do not know how to evasively express their feeling and thoughts in a proper or correct manner.
How It Applies-when dealing with the families these families come from different backgrounds and different areas, so not everyone is going to think the same and have the same ideas and strategies
Religious Affiliation
Putting emphasis on one's own identity rather than an identity from a group

How it Applies-We allow everyone here at our camp to have their own individuality, and allow them to perform any type of religious ritual they may be associated with. Here at our camp, we enable access to any type of service their religion is incorporated within.
Normative social influence
which is the feeling that you have to be accepted by society to fit in
How It Applies-this term applies when working with the teens and children in the families, because they are going to be the most difficult to get results from
Feeling the need to act a certain way because you are in a different environment
how it applies-So my and my team’s job is to make their stay at the camp site, feel as welcomed as possible.
Health and Medicine
Failing yourself when you know you can achieve more

How it applies
has to do with what your feelings tell you whether it is right or wrong, religious beliefs, what the law requires & consists of the standards of behavior our society accepts (Shanks, 2016).
how it applies- ethics will impact this camp in many ways. Joining this camp you make a promise to yourself that you will work hard, do not cheat and follow instructions while being responsible. Ethics is something that is self explanatory and is an important value society holds against one another.

As much as we all love our fury companions we do not allow any pets while you attend this camp.
Since 80% of our time requires to be outside on private fields, no pets are allowed.
We also feel this would distract you from your main goal, to lose weight.
the feeling of belonging within a group/ situation
At our camp we make special accommodations to anyone with any type of disability, so they wont feel left out. As long as they have consent from their doctor we accept anyone and everyone.
Self handicapping-
failing yourself when you know you have the capability of achieving more.
By reducing their thoughts of craving unhealthy foods and kick starting good habits
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