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Canada West

No description

Joanne Hua

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Canada West

Canada West 1864 Ottawa Conference on Confederation By: Joanne Hua, Nikki Rakhra and Faraz Ahmad MAIN NEEDS/CONCERNS & ITS IMPLICATIONS FOR CONFEDERATION Need: More Land
Implication: More farmland and living space.

Need: Expansion of the Grand Trunk Railway
Implication: More trades-Including goods from all regions of the colony arriving in the growing city.

Need: Intercolonial Railway
Implication:Ice-Free Ports during the winter, No need to go through American Ports or grounds, Can reach the Maritimes, and Help in defense of BNA.

Concern: Political Deadlock
Implication: Canada East and West can agree upon passed bills. Our Major Economic Activities:
- Farming/Agriculture

Our Key Groups In Colony:
- Grand Trunk Railway Advantages and Disadvantages of Confederation Political:
Advantages: Canada East's rate of Protestant and English speaking is lower than Canada West's. Ours is growing bigger all the time.
Disadvantage: We might be more powerful/greater than they are which means we do not need them anymore. (Possible disadvantage for other colonies).

Advantages: Agriculture is very big for us and this is proven with our vast understanding of religions and the diversity within our colony.
Disadvantages: We now have an immense learning/understanding of other cultures and colonies. (Disadvantage for other colonies)

Advantages: Our Grand Truck Railway is a very efficent way to trade and tranport many goods.
Disadvantages: Other colonies can use it for their own trades

Advantages: Armies/soliders can use our railroad for faster and safer travel.
Disadvantages: Other colonies can use it as well. Preliminary Proposal
-We Want to Join Confederation-
-To get more land for farming
- To expand the Grand Truck Railway
- To build the intercolonial railway
- If we don't have political deadlock, we can all agree on diffrent things and make the country a better place Grand Trunk Railway Agricultural lifestyle
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