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My Science classwork with Mr Cleaver.

Olive Matonga

on 10 August 2013

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Transcript of Chimpanzees.

By Olive Matonga
What are Chimpanzees?
Chimpanzees are a type of monkey. They are in the Hominidae family, along with gorillas, orang-utans and humans.
Their behaviour
Chimpanzee behaviour is so complex because a chimp’s mental capacity is so developed.
Chimpanzees develop different cultural practices depending on their environment, and transmit their culture as learned behaviour.
Chimpanzees have exhibited as many as 39 learned behaviours, including feeding, mating, grooming, and tool use.
Group structuring, communication, and hunting practices are often common from one chimpanzee group to another, and even these aren't perfectly identical.
Where they can be found.
Did you know?
Chimpanzees use large sticks and branches as clubs or throw them at enemies like leopards and humans.
Chimps supplement their diets with meat, such as young antelopes or goats. Their most frequent victims, however, are other primates such as young baboons, colobus monkeys and blue monkeys.
They eat plant foods including fruits, seeds, nuts, leaves and flowers, they will also eat insects and even larger animals that they have hunted and killed themselves.
The two chimpanzee species are the closest living relatives to humans, all being members of the Hominini tribe .
Three subspecies of common chimpanzees are distributed across the forest zone of Africa from Guinea to western Tanzania and Uganda. Another species of chimpanzees, the bonobo (Pan paniscus), is found exclusively in central Democratic Republic of Congo. In East Africa the chimpanzee is found in the wild in Tanzania and Uganda, but only in captivity in Kenya. Gombe National Park in Tanzania is the first park in Africa specifically created for chimpanzees.
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