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Aegis Media SSA

No description

Cara-Ann Carstens

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Aegis Media SSA

With a focus on
Africa We have a
global network To reinvent the way brands are built network brands 6 goal 1 We have Competitive
advantage through
specialised services Aegis remains on the forefront of communication,
connecting your brand to the African consumer... Out of Home Digital Convergence Search Africa's fastest growing communications agency Striving for transparency and accountability Hungry for growth and opportunity Independent thinkers, embracing digital tel: +2721 442 5684
address: West Block, Upper Eastside, 31 Brickfield Road,
Salt River, Cape Town tel: +27 (0)11 507 9200
address: Building 1, First Floor, Albury Office Park
Albury Road, Dunkeld West, Hyde Park, Johannesburg 2196 tel: +27 (021) 4425600
address: West Block, Upper Eastside, 31 Brickfield Road,
Salt River, Cape Town a consumer centric research tool the questions.... focus on South Africa...
National representation on LSM 4-10 adult market Africa what does CCS do? Media We have the best of the best who work for us
99% do the ordinary, 1% do the extraordinary tel: +27 (11) 325 4162
address: Block 3, Albury Office Park, Albury Road, Dunkeld West tel: +27 (21) 442 5800
address: 31 Brickfield Road, Upper Eastside Hotel, Ground Floor, West Block 7925 We at Aegis are the extraordinary giving everyone the best possible chance to develop. We reward our extraordinary employees and without our 1%er staff, we would never be able to live our mantra: "Always give 110%" Together we are thousands of people across the African continent constantly pioneering and delivering the most effective
media and digital communications solutions for our clients. get your brand to connect with Africa We use exclusive tools
to help your brand
speak to the right
consumer. What gives us our leverage? Why us? We have 3 media agencies, each with their unique offering We also have specialist agencies in
Out of home, digital and search. Managing Director / Willem vd Merwe
Cell: 083 391 9463
JHB direct: 011 507 9015
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