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Monster Energy

No description

Manny Zozaya

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Monster Energy

Monster Energy Drink Protection From Micro-organisms and bacteria Monster energy Drinks come in sealed cans, which are air-tight until the can is opened with a tab. The re-sealable cans are airtight. This protects the drink from bacteria and micro-organisms. Containing the product Monster energy drinks come in different sizes, one of which has a re-sealable top, to keep the product from spilling. The other cans do not though. Shipping The produduct Because Monster Enenrgy comes in a typical can container, it is easy to stack in trucks and ship in cases like in the photo, without unnecessarily wasting space. Stacking and storage in stores Monster energy comes in two ways to stack on shelves. the first way is individually on the shelves. This is easy to do and you can see the brand's logo. The second way is in 4-packs, which are very easy to stack because of their cube-shape, and the brand's logo is easily visible. Identifying the product Monster energy's various flavors are easy to spot, because the logo is a different color, making the flavor easily visible based on color.
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