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Roles of Men and Women - New France

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Aliyaah Jaffrey-Slowinski

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Roles of Men and Women - New France

What is New France?
By: Haren, Omshree and Aliyaah
Roles of Men and Women - New France
New France's first colony was established in 1608, when Samuel De Champlain was trying to find a route to India. Since "no one" had claimed the land, he made it his own. However, there were First Nations that had already been living there before, who were native to the French.
Daily Life in New France
The daily lives people lived in New France were much more different than the lives we live today...
No mobile devices
Women/Men worked differently
Not many went to school
Technology not as advanced
Different methods of transportation
Like us, the people of New France had jobs (depending on their gender) such as...
Clergies (both women and men)
Bishops (only men)
Seigneurs (only men)
Habitants (both women and men)
Coureurs De Bois (only men)
They also had jobs similar to some we have today such as...
Farmers (only men)
Priests (only men)
School teachers (both women and men)
Roles of Women
Roles of Men
Most men in New France were farmers. The men were in charge of getting food for their family. They had to hunt and farm food for their family. Taking care of their family was their number one priority. The men wore pants that tied at the knee, jackets, and wide brimmed hats.
Here are all of our links:http://wmich.edu/fortstjoseph/docs/panels/women-new-france.pdf
Most women, did not read and write. Their job was to stay in the house, make food, and take care of their husband and kids. The men were stereotypical, that women are meant for staying in the house and managing their family. Most women were ignored, unlike the men who had more chances for knowledge and education.
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