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Top Ten Reasons to listen to Ed Sheeran

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Haley Fournier

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Top Ten Reasons to listen to Ed Sheeran

Top Ten Reasons to Listen
to Ed Sheeran He plays the guitar!
He taught himself to play, after his uncle gave him his first guitar as a gift. After teaching himself, he got proper lessons. Reason Nine Ed decided to pursue music after meeting Damian Rice after a gig. He went home later and wrote a whole bunch of songs. One was called 'Typical Average Teenager'. Awh, look, he's also a goof ball! Reason Eight He started recording music when he was 16. He recorded in the confines of his bedroom, but soon moved out and started a tour. This is when he released the first of many EPs 'The Orange Room'. He slept on fan's couches every night after a gig. Reason Seven He was nominated for 'Best Urban Video- UK' and 'Best Video Ending' at the 2011 UK music video awards. He was also nominated for 'Best Video' at the 2011 Q awards. He was nominated for 'Best Newcomer' at the 2011 MOBO awards, and 'Best Song', 'Best Album', and 'Best UK Male' at the 2012 MOBO awards. Other award nominations consist of 'Best UK and Ireland Act' at the 2012 MTV Europe Awards, 'British Album of the Year', and 'British Single' at the 2012 Brit Awards, 'Best International Artist' at the 2012 ARIA Music Awards, 'Best Pop Video- UK' at the 2012 UK Music Video Awards, 'Iconic Editor's Choice' in the 2012 J-14 Teen Icon of the Year Awards, and 'Song of the Year' at the 2012 Grammy's. Reason Six Ed Sheeran has won The awards for 'Best Song Musically and Lyrically' at the 2012 Ivors Awards, 'Breakthrough Artist' at the 2011 Q Awards, 'Breakthrough Artist of the Year' at the 2011 BT Digital Music Awards, and 'Best Male Solo Artist' and 'British Breakthrough Act' at the 2012 BRIT Awards. Reason Five He worked as the Guitar Tech for the British folk duo, Nizopli. That lead to the band offering Ed the opening slot at their gigs. Reason Four The music video for his single 'The A-Team' only cost about twenty euros, which is the equivalent of about $32 in American Dollars! Reason Three He is nicknamed 'The Ginger Jesus'. You can see why. I mean, he is a musical God! Reason Two He has many celebrity friends, including,
Taylor Swift, and One Direction. He even has a 'bromance' with Harry Styles! Reason One! He has 77 songs, most written by himself. Here are 46 of them! Ed Sheeran Songs
Autum Leaves
Be Like You
Blind Faith
Cold Coffee
Drown Me Out
Faces (Ft. Yelawolf
Fall Down
Fire Alarms
Give Me Love
Gold Rush
Goodbye To You
Grade 8
If I Could
Kiss Me
Lego House
Let It Out
Little Bird
Little Lady
London Bridge
One Night
Small Bump
The A Team
The City
Wake Me Up
Wayfaring Stranger
Where We Land
Wish You Were Here
You Need Me, I Don't Need You.
He was also featured in the song
Everything Has Changed (Ft. Ed Sheeran) by Taylor Swift. Awh, look how cute his cat and him are! His cat is a ginger too! Ed Sheeran For more information on Ed Sheeran go to... His Twitter!
His Website!
And check out his albums and EPs called, 'The Orange Room-EP', 'You Need Me-EP', 'Songs I Wrote With Amy-EP', 'Loose Change-EP', 'Ed Sheeran Album', 'Want Some Album', and 'Plus'! Reason Ten By: Haley Fournier Hr 8
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