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O Captain! My Captain! By: Adam Weiss and Walter Ng

Adam Weiss

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of WALT WHITMAN

WALT WHITMAN O Captain! My Captain! WALT WHITMAN O Captain! My Captain By: Adam Weiss & Walter Ng FAMILY FAMILY LIFE TIME PERIOD 1819- Whitman born 1892- Whitman dies Romantisicm Period (1789-1850) 1835- Great fire of New York 1837- Panic of 1837 1861- U.S. Civil War begins 1865- U.S. Civil War ends Abraham Licoln elected president Lincoln Assassinated Slavery Abolished 8 Siblings One died at infancy One was severely retarded One was mentally insane One died at a young age of alchohol
and tuberculosis One was injured in the
Civil War G.W. Whitman Education left school at 11 years old attended in public school where he labeled by teachers graduated as a journeyman printer after education worked as an office boy a lawyer subscribed him to a big library also worked as a teacher for many years, sometimes have to live with his students' families but became very lonely Personal Interest reading the ocean/voter music
art opera to be in New York City writes for newspapers when he was young
believe in anti slavery fell in love with the written word
MYP Unit Question: How do your experiences shape your perspective?

"The past allows your brain to create expectations. Thus, the perspective of the world around you adapts to these ideas. You begin to see the world as you expect it to be, and not how it really is." - Christine Scivicque W What makes this poem interesting and/or meaningful? Whitman's use of diction illustrates the passion he had towards
Abraham Lincoln and what he did for our country. ( Which is what the poem is about) Works Cited Loewn, Nancy. "Walt Whitman". Creative Education Publishing . Makato, Minnesota, 1999

"Walt Whitman". Poets .org, 2010. 47 Apr, 2010 http://www.poets.org/poet.php/prmPID/126

Dr. Taylor Jr, Quintard. " US History Timeline:1800-1900" Wasington.edu. 17 Apr 2010 http://faculty.washington.edu/qtaylor/a_us_history/1800_1900_timeline.htm
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