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The Cry of the Excluded:

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Abbie Kretz

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of The Cry of the Excluded:

The Cry of the Excluded:
Assessing a Decade of Resistance, Community Organizing, Power Building, and Civic Engagement among Latino/a Immigrants in Omaha, Nebraska

Organizing Latino Soccer League
Heartland Workers Center
Founded on January 23, 2009
2012 I Vote for My Family
Heartland Workers Center
Building a Community that Works for All
2012 Closing of the Polling Places in Douglas County
2006 Immigration Marches
Coalition to Increase the Latino Vote
Organizaciones Latinas Aliadas (OLA)
2009 Leadership, Empowerment, and Civic Engagement Workshop
January 8, 2011
Results from 2012 Elections
14,000 Voters in South Omaha's Ward 4 went to the polls on November 6, 2012
Organized Four Unions
UFCW, OTOC & Religious Institutions
Lessons Learned
Start of Integration, Institutional Capacity Building, and Community Collaboration

Self-Interest vs. Exclusion

Leaders are beginning to ACT collectively and SPEAK Intelligently

POWER = Capacity to ACT
Over the Next 10 Years,
Will an increase in the Latino/a Population in Omaha transform into social, economic, and political power?

Will an increase in Latino/a university students correspond with an increase in community leaders?

Will an increase in Latino/a-led organizations create new alternatives for self-sustainability?

Will an increase in Latino/a voters lead to respresentation among elected officials?
March and Rally for Dignity and Respect
October 12, 2013
Over the next 10 years
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