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Reality TV

No description

Samm Bate

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Reality TV

Reality TV Structure/ Format Opening title The reality TV show big brother holds auditions for people to enter a luxury house and live in confined conditions for an extended period of time. The habitants have to take part part in a series of tasks which push their mental and physical limits in order to create the highest amount of tension which creates entertainment for the audience. Cameras are placed around the house, including the toilets and bedrooms in order to create a "Big Brother" feel to the house.

Every week housemates have to vote who they would like to leave the house and the general public vote via a phoneline. The final housemate receives a cash prize of £100,000 Big Brother advertises its show with a series of teasers, which usually shows the symbolic 'eye' of Big Brother. Because it is quite a well known symbol, the audience will immediately recognize it. It will be shown for a few seconds to attract the audiences attention, and start the hype of Big Brother. They also use longer adverts, but these short teasers are sometimes more effective they attract more attention, as the audience is not told all the details about the show, making them interested and wanting to find out more.

Big brother has teasers throughout the show, mostly before adverts to hint to the audience at the events that will take place later in the show. Teasers Due to the fact that Big Brother is a reality television programme it is not scripted meaning that the story is dependent on the actions of the contestants. However the structure means that there is an underlying story as a result of there being a predefined ending. Story Big brother uses both a VoiceOver and a presenter. The mid week shows use a voice over to explain to the audience what is going on and it is also used to help show the passing of time in the house by stating what time the footage was filmed. At the end of every week there is a live eviction show, this is presented by Brian Dowling. By having a presenter on the live shows it allows the viewers to watch interviews with the housemates as soon as they are evicted, it also gives them the opportunity to have their questions asked to the housemate that has been voted out. The audience also connect with the presenter over the course of the show and enjoy the comedy aspect that he adds. Voiceover The opening title sequence of Celebrity Big Brother normally begins with the eye of Big Brother - as this is what represents the programme the most. The eye symbolises the constant filming and watching of the contestants in the house.

The whole title sequence then follows the same colour scheme as the eye is in and this changes each year. The titles use VFX to entice the audience. The titles include a part of each of the celebrity contestants faces, to give teasers on who is going to be appearing in the show. The titles use a variety of transitions (cuts, swipes etc) to portray these parts of the faces.

The title sequences have changed the more series of Big Brother there have been, they never used to show parts of the contestants, but they would show parts of the brand new house that the show is set in as the house is still a major part of the popularity of the show. Big Brother Editing Techniques used Use of FX Sound design There are Three great uses of effects :
The title Sequence

The title sequence works well for this program because of the style, it's quite a modern piece and the intro is very modern.

The transitions in the piece are part of a theme, using the same effects as the title and captions, to create a similar look that helps it stick to the theme.

The captions are also a great example of this modern type style, impressing the audience and showing how it's up to date.

The intro is very fast and quite sharp which immediately shows the style of effects going to be used throughout. Edits are time dependent like a News broadcast

•Filming over previous 24 hours, using multi cameras
•Large amount of footage, much of it not interesting
•The show’s editors have very little time to produce each episode. Basically a narrative, like a TV drama
•Editors aim to produce a narrative
•Performers have a framework but are not scripted
•Editors must make it seem like there is a narrative.

1.Individual stories/dialogue
2.Continuity to help viewer understanding
3.Time and location comprehension important

But: the live feeds creates a disconnect between what actually happens and what the producers and editors decide to put on air. Manipulated reality in a documentary style

The program is entertainment. It is edited for MAXIMUM DRAMA Editors
•Follow dramatic storylines as they happen like a documentary
•But also use footage out of context to build drama or create storylines
•Use quick cut sequences to illustrate emotional high or low points
•Use clips of responses from diary room ‘fed’ questions to support storylines.Establishment of a genre

This editing style is well understood by audiences The music in the title sequence is the same every year and this is a key signifier of the show, which is up beat and fits the visuals very well. Big Brother is very bare when it comes to sound. The show revolves around the housemates and so all of the sound is coming their mics and the various mics around the house Narrater of the show Marcus Bentley. Captions Big Brother uses captions throughout the each programme to give vital information to the viewer. They give context to what presenters/contestants are saying.

Reality TV shows, big brother in particular, links to popular social networks such as twitter to appeal to a wider audience and get more publicity. "Hash tags" such as #cbb are used regularly to promote even more.

The time and day is shown at the beginning of each scene to give people an idea of how time has progressed.

During the show, phone numbers for each contestant are shown, This makes the audience feel more involved in the show and the outcome of the eviction. Music Music in Big Brother is used as a more connective device, and by that I mean it is used too bridge the show between the ad breaks and main show. Every now and again the show will use a specific song to set the scene.
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