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1-24-12 meeting

harlee ehrets

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of HOSA

Meeting Emblem
Ceremony Thought
of the day Roll
Call Previous
Minutes Bills
to be
Paid States! Study and
Practice for
competitions Basket
Bingo HOSA
Creed Have a nice day! Historian Secretary Secretary Treasurer Officers March 5-7 Adjournment Everybody Welcome! Singers Beach Theme Pride
Day Health
Fairs Community Service & Awarness HRT Yellow Childhood Cancer Lemonade Alex's Lemonade
Stand Foundation Protective
Services Health
Occ. Purple Pancreatic cancer Grape popsicles Pancreatic Cancer
Action Network Dental Pink Cotton Candy Breast Cancer Susan G. Komen
for the cure White Bone Cancer Popcorn • Lori Zemel Children’s Bone Cancer Foundation Alternative
Ideas Orange Leukemia Orange slices Lauri Strauss
Leukemia Foundation Collective donations
among classrooms Kira Marzoli Chicken BBQ Spring BINGO New Officers Election
and installation Discount
cards May 8 Ideas for sales Two meetings in May 4 SCHOOL
STATES Goodluck at States Fundraising
for nationals
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