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Ser Timeline

No description

Ethan Henkel

on 29 May 2017

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Transcript of Ser Timeline

Cycle 4
The mortal life gains understanding as most planets begin to develop.
, the Humans, Elves, and other races find themselves growing in different environments. Towards the end of this Cycle, towns and politics are set into motion as they work their way into a medieval age.
Cycle 2
Aeterna and the Phoenix are born, as well as other cosmic entities.
Ethereal races are formed, and thus the cosmic order is formed.
Cycle 3
Aeterna decides to create a race, and splits himself into
Helios, Okiri, and Tempus
using his heart, scales, and eyes. Aeterna uses the remainder of his soul to create the Dragon race.
It is also during this cycle that the original Dragon Trio would find Primal Ser, and the reptilian colossus that ruled it. They would work with the Uxidi in the Ether on a spell, Polymorph, that would allow both races to create forms similar to the planet they would find to inhabit. As the Dragons went down to the planet, their original - and now more natural - forms would take the shape of those reptiles, shrouded by wings as a symbol of their home in the Ether.
Cycle 1
The Universe is created from the Void's empty presence, and the Ether and Hell are divided by the cosmos.
Cycle 5
During this era, the races meet and come together. War is sparked, as well as other important events that will shape the world and it's people.
Cycle 6
This Cycle is when our Story takes place. At this time, mortals begin research and experimentation. This brings forth contact with Hell, as well as the deadly force known as Void.
Ser Timeline
Planets begin to form, stars begin to burn, and order is fabricated from the primordial chaos.
The Nevariin make their way into Hell, founding their society and researching for information beyond what any other race knows.
At this time, they discover Xaoc; Xaoc is sealed inside of Kaikara by Xanathil, setting off the natural balance.
Each individual race decides on their leader(s), known to them as Gods, and find their place within the universe.
Deep in the Uxidin realm, the four precursors come together and form the original Council of Uxidi.
Two of these precursors are Xiathra and Deathren.
Across the universe, different planets begin blooming with mortal life, and the galaxy begins to breathe.
The Dragon and Uxidi races are settled, and the Angels and Demons begin warring over the mortal worlds over Order vs Chaos. During this Cycle, most of the connections between Gods are formed or destroyed.
At this time, other planets may be developing in different ways, with technology going at varying strides.
is discovered around this time, a latent force that lies within the world. It is initially used to create spellcraft, developing many uses.
The Infamous War of Races starts in this Cycle, lasting for years. The war itself would come after decades of racial separation and disputes - and it would be some time after the war until the races would make peace.
At this time, while the Continental Races are meeting and becoming the face of
other races such as the Werebeasts also begin appearing.
This is also when Dragons and Uxidi would make their main appearance on
, using the spell
to disguise themselves among the Continentals.
The Dragons, at this time, would go down to the mortals to attempt at creating mutual life with them. This is when the beginning of the Dragons' Civil War would commence, and when Dragons would be ingrained in legend - as Uxidi were ingrained in ancient history.
Certain Elves would train in the Dark Arts, forming infamous cults - such as one that would create the curse known as Lycans and Ferons.
The Foreign races would stay out of the Continentals' four way war as it spanned over seas. Meanwhile, the Dragons and Uxidi - while not taking any direct side - would assist those they lived with.
Dwarves would discover the Ekel and abduct them for some time as slaves for physical labor, as they lived in similar environments.
The Elves would try to isolate themselves, while the Humans would be working to attempt to make peace with the various races to form some sort of partnership.
The Humans are the only race to try and branch out.
The Kingdom of Kertell falls, Aran makes his way to Castem, and Kildren becomes the Lich.
The events that follow would be those that form our main characters.
After a few years, Kildren would attack, the Academy of Magic would be formed in Castem, and the Lord of Hell - Mentecarna - would appear on
once again.
As more years pass, new kingdoms and settlements develop over the continents. Xaoc finally breaks into reality, and the Gods come forward to seal it away and separate it from reality.
The world is tinged with Void residue, like a scar, however it would recover with time.
Early in this age, the Sages would gain their powers by the Seraphim and combat Mentecarna. Soon after his sealing, magic schools would be started for Mysticism, the Dark Arts, and Druidry, and magic would begin to grow into the general public as an art and as a weapon.
When the time came for gods to be chosen to represent the Uxidi, Xiathra was chosen to Deathren’s disbelief. Enraged, Deathren charged into the heavens and blew down the Gods’ doors, threatening them with the Void's essence. Forming together in a tight coalition, Helios, the Seraphim, and Xiathra worked to strike Deathren down, chaining him in soul spikes and casting him into the Void to rot.
A few generations pass, and the world grows. More cities are built, war is much less common, and technology would become a major topic among many. Their pasts would merely be remembered history for the races.
Civrah finds his way to the top, forming a small corporation in Novet, planning to grow outwards.
Meanwhile, after the events of Xaoc's Arrival, Gemini would be sent to travel and see the world for what it is, and come across the next part of our story...
It was during this Cycle that most of the races would overcome their racial divides - racism began it's decline midway through this age.
The Ekel would spark rebellion against the Dwarves earlier in this Cycle, fighting for their freedom from the slavery their race was bound to. It would take many generations, over the course of a few hundred years, for the wars and racism born from these events to wither away.
By the end of this Cycle, the newer societies of Dwarves and Ekel would come to bury the hatchet, and actually form powerful bonds with one another.
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