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Module 1, Lesson 3

No description

Katie Merritt

on 8 August 2016

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Transcript of Module 1, Lesson 3

Semantics and Logic
Module 1 - Life in Art
Lesson 3: Preparing For The Task

Essential Question
How does visual art help us connect to the past?
Setting Purpose
AP Art History Outline
Let's recall our task.....

We are going to read the AP Art History course and exam outline provided by College Board. We will be reading in small groups. Please have one person read while the other group members follow along, you can switch readers at every subheading so everyone will have the opportunity to read and listen.
Use the scavenger hunt along with the information you're going to read. Please work together as a group to complete the scavenger hunt.

We just previewed at an AP Art History exam outline from College Board and completed a scavenger hunt. We have a better understanding of the skills and knowledge needed to be successful on that exam. Now we are going to assess what you have learned. You will need a sheet of paper and we will be using the 3-2-1 strategy.
Exit Slip
You will write:
3 things you learned that you did not know about the AP Art History exam or course
2 things that surprised you about the AP Art History exam, and
1 remaining question or summary statement.

Please make sure to write in complete sentences!
The student will be able to determine the skills and knowledge needed to be successful on AP Art History exam.
Identify key concepts and vocabulary essential to AP Art History.
Lesson Objective:
Today we are going to take a closer look at the AP Art History exam. By the end of the period you should have a better understanding of the skills and knowledge needed to be successful on that exam. Remember that although we are looking at art topics, this class is not an AP class. We are only touching upon some of the Art History concepts that might be incorporated into an AP Art History course. We will be learning how to “view” and “discuss” art.
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