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Jason's Portfolio

No description

yunsam kim

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Jason's Portfolio

About / Resume / Projects / Contact
Jason's Portfolio
Between calm and passion
I am Jason
I am an IT Specialist
Worked for more than 18 part-time jobs from sixteen
I am a hard worker
Previous bosses usually told me ' you are very diligent'
I am one of the best IT lover
Certified information system auditor and oracle specialist
Currently study about operation system/database/network
I am a great team player
Leader of IT Trends academy membership
Organization of administration of IT community in Australia
Winner of an IT business plan presentation team competition
Member of martial arts team
Considerable experience as System Engineer
Jason's resume
Successfully implemented 5 new systems
I am a Project Leader
Department Store Delivery System
B2E System ( on-line shopping mall )
Community Center System
I am an excellent presenter
Am I...
102/7 Hilts Rd, Strathfield, Sydney, NSW
Once I have opportunities to contribute that Electronic deals becomes to...
Suitable for Electronic deals?
Thank you for your consideration!
have stronger security of systems
build future-oriented plan about IT asset
be the most friendly company in Australia
Member of amateur racing team
have excellent teamwork
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