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Cheating, yes or no?

No description

akasha stallworth

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Cheating, yes or no?

You're not learning or retaining any of that information. The purpose of the test is to see what you know, and how well. When you cheat, you defeat the purpose
because you're not testing your knowledge,
only how well you hide your paper from your teacher. Plagiarism effects the cheater in the long run. Cheating Can Prevent Your Goals in Life from Happening Cheating will get you nowhere. Getting caught can hurt the impression other teachers and schools may have on you. What classes are you going to take? What colleges are you going to attend? What will my career be? Just forget about it if all you're going to do is cheat. How am I going to pass this class if the teacher expels me? How am I going to attend a college if none will accept me? How am I going to get a good job if I am not educated? Those are the questions you're going to have to answer. Consequences In the result of plagiarism, there will be some consequences because many people believe that people who committed plagiarism deserve a punishment. Teachers can give you a bad grade and maybe even give you a detention or worse. You can also feel guilty. Cheating. It's more than 'just one time'. Cons Benefits Pros Cheating, even just once, can greatly impact your future. -Cheating does not look good on your transcript.
-Cheating discourages you from doing your best to make your goals happen. - Counter Argument "I guess cheaters never prosper." - Don't really have to put much effort
- It's not very time consuming
- You don't have to pay attention during class People may say "Oh, I'm too busy right now."
or "I'll just do my work later." But, if you keep
procrastinating you won't, and you'll end up copying off someone else's work, which is worst than not turning in your own work. #TEAMHYBRIDELEPHANTS We believe the cons of cheating outweigh the pros. It's not worth it. Statement Here are a few reasons why. Even though you get all of these benefits
from cheating it will not benefit you once you get caught plagiarizing. For example, you might not be able to get accepted into a college or even worse, get sued and go to jail for copyright infringement.
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