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Xi‘an 2012 Presentation

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David Choo

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Xi‘an 2012 Presentation

Day 5 : Beilin Museum and Shuyuanmen Ancient Cultural Street 31 August to 7 September Xi'an Twinning Programme 2012 CA 976 to Beijing and CA 1211 to Xi'an! Day 1 : Welcome to Xi'an Our plane arriving in Beijing! (We transit before taking another flight to S'pore) Day 2 : Shaanxi History Museum and City Wall City Wall that was built in
the Tang dynasty Skull from ancient times The Façade of the Shaanxi History Museum Imperial afterlife protectors, a pagoda that leans and a fountain Day 3 : Terracotta Warriors, Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Musical Fountain Big Wild Goose Pagoda that leans 1m to the left. Terracotta Warriors Teractotta Warriors smashed by the Han Emperor The musical Fountain Hey, where's my head? Day 4 : Xi'an Fu Shu Shi Fan Xiao Xue and Xi'an Great Mosque Group photo at Beilin Museum Nice fountain Beilin Museum Façade Day 6 : Xian Fu Shu Shi Fan Xiao Xue and Hu Xian County Eliasians with their finished calligraphy masterpieces only made possible with the help of their Xi'an friends Secret shots of teachers in Fu Shu Shi Fan Xiao Xue Paper cuts in Xi'an Day 7 : Li Quan Yuan Jia Village and Tang Dynasty Musical and Dance Show Elegant dancers at the show Something that looks like Roti Prata Our tour guide eating a fried scorpion. Scorpion Secret shots of teachers in Xi'an Fu Shu Shi Fan Xiao Xue Bye China!!! Day 8 : Flying back to Singapore Getting down from the plane in Beijing. Hi! Credits : Xi'an 2012 Contingent (Photos)

eppsxian2012.wordpress.com (Photos)

Mdm Fan
Mdm Ng Chor Leng
Mdm Poon Yin Ching
Mdm Mastura

Presenters : David Choo 5D
Tan Wan Ling 5D Thanks For Your Attention! Eliasians having a break in the courtyard of the Great Mosque Presentation Expose Eliasians to different cultures and learning environments.
Develop social and cultural skills of the pupils
Enable Eliasians to demonstrate EPPS Core Values (E.L.I.A.S.) during the Twinning Programme
To enable pupils to be more independent though away from home Objectives Eliasians enjoying the onboard service. Cheers! Eliasians and teachers taking a group photo before leaving Singapore Introducing 'Pi Xiu' on the City wall Shaanxi History Museum Catalput on the Wall Eliasians resting after Pit 1 Group photo outside the museum Eliasians posing in front of Pit 1 The Façade of the school Eliasians taking a stroll Eliasians enjoying games in the school The Xi'an Performers vs The Singapore Performers The Eliasians posing at the Village Scorpion! Saying our last byes to Xi'an school 1.Based on good P4 SA2 results
2.Result of the interview
3.Excellent Conduct
4.Recommendations by FT and Co-FT
5.Pupils’ half page written application on why they should be selected to represent the school
6.Final endorsement by school leaders Selection criteria of pupils for future Xian Trip
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