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Case Study

No description

Sarah Daemi

on 9 April 2017

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Transcript of Case Study

Who am I ?
Why I applied for this position
Passions & Interests
Why Australiance
Hope to be part of the Australian Insiderz team !

Why you should pick me !

Welcome to
my Case study
for the International Talent Acquisititon Manager Position

SWOT Analysis
Sarah Daemi
22 years old
, France
And many other skills that I can share with you during an interview ...
Organizational skills
Communication and interpersonal skills
Multitasking skills
Bachelor in Business
from Novancia Business School Paris
I am able to handle various tasks and projects in a fast paced environment
Studying a
Master Degree
at Neoma Business School Reims
Native speaker
in French

Native speaker
in Persian

in English
Professional & Volunteering Experience
A 6-month internship in a headhunting firm and especially a great opportunity to discover the recruitment process.
Gnetaca was an awesome volunteering experience.

As a co-manager, I learned a lot on how to manage a team but also work together to raise funds and promote the organization.
At THC, I had the opportunity to work in a small business as project coordinator.

It taught me a lot on how to work in a fast paced environment, make decision on your own and also on how to handle different subjects at the same time.
I have the abilty to manage my time successfully in order to achieve my goals
I do my best to make everyone feel at ease
Geopolotic & Iran's History and Culture
English & the American culture
Traveling around the World
Voyage Voyage
This position matches my wish to discover the HR sector and the variety of roles that it offers
The opportunity to apply what I learned during my current internship and discover more about recruitment in a different environment
The start up environment that transform this internship as it allows you to work on different projects
The company's sector : the fact that the company offers HR solutions
Australiance is a dynamic and innovative company working as a start up, leading various projects at the same time
The best opportunity to understand, as a french citizen, the values, codes, and standards of the Australian society
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