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A little about me

Maria Ch.

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Áiléir.

A little about me.
From my basic principles, there are three particular principle. I call them "the principles of the dishwasher."
"The principles of the dishwasher":
1. It is best to get the dishes out of the car almost immediately after washing , so you can forget about it. Dishes will still have to pull out.
2. No need to remove the dishes from the dishwasher immediately. Dishes, after washing, it is usually very hot. There is a chance that you will drop it. Allow the dish to cool slightly. Also, in the dishes may be water. Despite the fact that the dishwasher does all the dirty work, be prepared for the fact that the dirt can stay.
3. If the dishes are not a lot and it is not expensive to you - we will take the matter to someone else. ;)
In addition to the "principles of the dishwasher" I have the usual principles.
Firstly: personal experience. I perceive life only through personal experience. I'd rather get hurt than listen to advice and believe somebody's experience.
Secondly: I take off rose-colored glasses when it comes to business. If you can not, there is a good chance that you can not and this case is very important and requires responsibility, then do not touch, I think so.
Thirdly: I'm for justice.
To be a true professional in my profession. However, I have not decided what job suits me.
To live in Ireland for one year. Acquainted with the traditions of this country.
I changed dramatically and became the girl that you see now, after the death of my cat, and a few relocations out of the apartment to the house. I grew up. I began to read, stopped dancing in the street, I became more modest. I no longer climbed trees.
Only bad things can change me. Good experiences taught me nothing.

My basics are also books and music. In particular musical group "Splean" and the book "Pollyanna."
Unfortunately, I don't know what skills I have. I know how to breathe, write, read and speak. That's not enough.
Написать книгуI have a dream to write a good book. Typical.
It's almost impossible, but I would like to found a city.
To die with a smile in a beautiful estate.
...In my beautiful
Fall in love.
Create family and comfort.
Find myself.
Bring happiness to my mother.
I paint, I dance and I collect beautiful things. I decorate my stuff: notebooks, diaries, the walls in my room. Scrapbooking?
Awards and achievements.
So far, here is empty.
There is also nothing.
Alas, I do not think I have any major awards.
That's all.
One day I will know English, I will dance on the stage, I'll read my book for my readers, or I'll open my own exhibition but now I don't have these skills to perfection.
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