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No description

Vanessa gruman

on 21 January 2015

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Summary Part 1
Summary Part 2
Summary Part 3
Presentation by Vanessa Gruman

Protagonists/Main Characters:
Serafina: Serafina is the mermaid principessa of Miromara, the water realm
Neela: Neela is a mermaid principessa as well as Serafina's best friend
Ling: Ling is an mermaid oxmivia, which means she can speak many different languages
Ava: Ava is a blind mermaid, and another one of the chosen six to fight against Traho and his men
Becca: Becca is the fifth chosen mermaid by Baba Vraja
Astrid: Astrid is Admiral Kolfinn's son, who is the mermaid that was known to destroy Miromara
Traho and his death riders: They are searching for the six chosen ones, and killing many along their journey to find them
Serafina and five others all had the very same
dream of Baba Vraja, a river witch (river witches were actually claimed to be a myth). However, they didn't know they had the same dream. They also were unaware of who the other five were. In this dream they were summoned to find one another, and to find the talismans, which were scattered by Merrow, an ancestor to the Serafina.
That next day, Serafina had a Dokimi, which is
when she was declared of the blood. If she was, she would then songcast to show her powers and declare her love to Mahdi. Mahdi was Neela's cousin and was set up to marry Serafina.
Serafina was declared of the blood but after singing
her songspell, an arrow shot through her mother's heart. She pulled it out, but soon invaders and warriors came from the sky, attacking them during the Dokimi.
Neela and Serafina escaped the palace after finding the arrow that shot Serafina's mom was poisoned and she may be dying. They were later caught in an eel cave by Traho and his men.
Traho interrogated them with many questions about Baba Vraja, the other chosen ones and many more. The girls were able to escape that night with the help of some outlaws.
The outlaws took them to a human's house. This human, or also known as the Duca, let them stay the night. The next morning Traho and his men invaded the duca's house and the girl's swam through a mirror.
During their journey throughout the mirror, they stumbled upon the Old River Cafe, which was where they met Ling, a chosen one. Ling, Neela and Serafina then traveled throughout the freshwater village and to the place where Baba Vraja told them to go.
When they were in the Olt River, the girls met the next two chosen mermaids, Becca and Ava after they all fought off some ghosts. When they finally arrived where Baba Vraja was hiding wih the rest of the river witches. The sixth chosen mermaid was inside. Her name was Astrid.

The room was tense between Astrid and Serafina because Admiral Kolfinn, Astrid's dad, was rumored to poison the arrow for the attackers. However, they all trained and learned how to use their powers to benefit the group.
Baba Vraja taught them many skills and even told them the story of their past and ancestors. However, the monster Abaddon, heard their every word and even who the chosen six were and told them to his master.
Traho and his men listened to Abaddon and easily found the chosen six and the river witches. They invaded their hiding spot.
I am not going to spoil the ending of this book, but if you want to find out, read Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly.
Theme and Mood
The mood of this story is very intense and sad at the same time. In the beginning you feel a happy mood until Serafina's mother takes an arrow to her heart.
After that point, the mood changes to being more dramatic, intense and sad.
The theme for this book is to not give up no matter what happens.
Review and Recommendation
I rate this book four and a half stars. I really love this book. I actually read it four times before I made this report because I loved it so much. However, the first and second time reading it was confusing in some parts because I felt there was a too many characters to remember in the beginning. The book had a lot of detail and it was really interesting. I couldn't even put it down. This book is really good and I recommend it to anyone.
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