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The Phantom Tollbooth

No description

Katie Lynn

on 22 May 2012

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Transcript of The Phantom Tollbooth

The Phantom Tollbooth Prezi By: Katie Chapter 1 At the beginning of the Phantom Tollbooth (By Norton Juster)
Milo an average boy who is not fascinated by anything gets a
suspicious package which he opens to find his journey just beginning. When he opens the package a tollbooth with all the supplies and instructions is supplied. Of course having nothing to do Milo explores the mysterious tollbooth. He gets in his toy car (one of the many toys he dosen't play with) and starts toward the tollbooth, but he is told he needs a destination so he randomly picks the city Dictionopolis which starts his journey off. Chapter 2 Once Milo enters the tollbooth he finds himself speeding on an open road, which eventually lead to him entering Expectations. Once he was in Expectations a little man walked up and introduced himself as the Whether Man. Milo had to get to Dictionopolis so he asked the Whether Man how, and every question Milo asked the Whether Man awnsered and talked continuiously about weather and navagation. Milo eventually left Expectations, beginning to become bored Milo stared becoming drowsy and his mind began to wander of track (he was headed to Dictionopolis) and his car seemed to become tired too and suddenly came to a stop.
Almost asleep he hears a distant voice that told him that he is in the Doldrums afer looking around a bit Milo sees a little man, then he sees more around him hiding and blending in. They introduced themselves as Lethargians and told Milo of their lives and that thinking and laughter are both band in the Doldrums. Then as Milo was getting sucked into the Lethargians ways a large dog runs up and scares the Lethargians away he is the watch dog so its his job to make sure that no one is wasting time. Then the watchdog was wondering what Milo was doing in the Doldrums he said he was killing time so the watchdog told him to think, that way he could get out of the Doldrums, he eventually got out and the watchdog came along with him on his journey. Chapter 3 As they were headed to Dictionopolis the watchdog apologised for being so tough and introduced himself as Tock and why he was named Tock. Once they entered Dictionopolis Milo and Tock find out that it's market day and that there are all types of merchants selling letters and words. They then meet five royal officials that seem to say different words with the same meaning in a casual order and they defined words the others have said. The officials then started explaining the order of the word market which confused Milo and Tock. Chapter 4 So Milo and Tock explored the word market they looked at different words and letters they also tried a few. Then as Milo and a shopkeeper were talking about words a giant bee buzzing. He introduces himself as the Spelling Bee and tells them to not be alarmed and spells the word a l a r m e d he says he can spell almost anything. Then everyone started challenging the Spelling Bee by shouting out extremely large words, then another bug that looked like a beetle came in and shouted BALDERDASH!
Then the Spelling Bee introduced the beetle as the Humbug, then the Spelling Bee and Humbug started getting into a gigantic fight which then causes the whole market to colapse in a domino effect. Chapter 5 All the chaos from the Humbug and Spelling Bee's fight had the merchants all yelling because all the words were jumbled. As they were just about finished cleaning up Officer Shrift showed up, Milo is surprised of his height and his weight being twice his height. Then Officer Shrift started investigating and saying that everyone is guilty and starts asking very confusing questions. Then he sees Milo and seems to think he's guilty so Officer Shrift gives Milo a jail sentence of 6,000,000 (six million) years, then warns him of the which. Milo finally get down to his cell he meets the which and her name is actually Fainty Macabre, she explained that she was King Azaz's great aunt and was incharge of choosing which words for which occasions.
She had noticed that as time went on people became wasteful with their use of words and they used large words for simple statements. So she began to give people fewer and fewer words that they could use, then there were so few words that no one could speak or write at all! King Azaz got very mad with the which that he put her in jail. Then Faintly Macabre told Milo that only Rhyme and Reason could free her, Milo didn't know who they were so she told him the story of Rhyme and Reason. Chapter 6 Faintly Macabre starts telling the story of Rhyme and Reason, by telling about the horrible place called the Lands Beyond and when they were first created. Then one day a young prince from across the sea showed up and established a city which would be called the City of Wisdom. Then eventually had two sons who went out and started their own cities, one founding Dictionopolis and the other Digitopolis. One day the king found a basket in his gardens which had two twin baby girls in it. The king loved the girls, and named them Rhyme and Reason, and raised them as his own children.
When the king died he gave them special instructions to divide the Kingdom of Wisdom equally among his two sons, and that they would also have the responsibility of taking care of Rhyme and Reason. Then one day Azaz and the Mathemagician (the king's sons) relyed upon Rhyme and Reason's judgement and the brothers became more and more competitive and distrustful. It had gotten to a point where they began arguing if numbers or letters were more important. The two rulers brought their argument to Rhyme and Reason who carefully considered the dispute, then they declared that numbers and letters are equally important. Finally Azaz and the Mathemagician agreed that they were angry at the princesses, so they banished them from the kingdom and inprisoned them to the Castle in the Air.
Then when the story was done the which explained that Officer Shrift loves putting people in jail but does not keep them there and shows Milo and Tock how to get of. Then once outside the 5 advisors met them and lead them to the Royal Banquet Chapter 7 Inside the banquet hall there is a party waiting for them, and Humbug explains that they have been waiting for the guests of honor to choose a meal. Milo suggests that they should have a light meal and right after several waiters hurry into the room carring serving platters. When they take of the lids rays of light shoot all over the banquet hall.
Humbug then suggests that Milo should get something the guests find a little more filling. Milo who doesn't understand how the meals work yet orders a square meal, the waiters bring plates with a variety of squares on them. For desert the waiters bring out platters of half baked ideas, Milo eats THE EARTH IS FLAT while the king eats NIGHT AIR IS BAD AIR. Chapter 8 As soon as King Azaz's banquet was over the guests hurry from the banquet hall leaving only Azaz, Milo, Tock, and Humbug, who explains they have all gone to dinner. Then the king declares that he will have his guest eat dinner before coming to his banquet, but Milo argues that its a bad idea. Milo then suggested that the return of Rhyme and Reason might help sort things out. The king agrees but thinks its impossible since someone would have to go all the way to Digitopolis to convince the Mathemagician, then go past all the demons in the Mountains of Ignorance then scale the 2,000 step staircase to the Castle in the Air.
The king charges Milo with the mission, and tells him theres only one more problem with the quest that Milo will learn once its over. Azaz gave Milo a small box that contains all the words he knows and tells him it could come in handy on his journey. Realizing that Milo would need a guide the king orders Humbug to go along too. As a crowd gathers to cheer them on their way Milo and his two companions embark on their adventure. Chapter 9 Milo, Tock, and Humbug take in the scenery while motoring along in the electric car, and they stop to take a look at the comprehensive view. As Milo comments that the view is beautiful a strange voice says that "It's all in the way you look at things." Milo turns around to find a boy about his age floating many feet above the ground. "For instance," the boy continued "If you liked deserts you might not think this is beautiful at all." Milo asks him how he is able to float in the air but at the same time the boy was about to ask how Milo is able to touch the ground with his feet.
The boy explains that in his family that their head is at the height they will be once they grow up, instead of growing toward the sky their legs grow down toward the ground. Milo then explained that where he came from the exact opposite is true. The boy introduced himself as Alec and he states that he can see through anything. Milo is surprised by this and wants to be able to see things also, Alec told him to start thinking like an adult and once he does he began to rise of the ground. Then he dropped back to the earth and says he perfers to keep seeing things as a child. By: Norton Juster Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 As Milo, Alec, Humbug, and Tock were walking in the forest they came up to a large clearing which has a magnificent metropolis. Alec says the city is called illusions and its all only a hallucination. He explains its a twin city and that reality used to be as beautiful as illusions, but people in Reality decided everything would be more efficient if they went everywhere as fast as possible and didn't stop to appreciate things along the way. So they did and as a result the city withered away. Alec then leads the group to a huge open-air orchestra concert of over a thousand musicians, all being conducted by Chroma the Great. Alec explains the orchestra is responsible for providing the world with color. Milo meets Chroma, and they talk about what a dull place the world would be without color and Chroma hurries off to bed. Before he goes, Chroma asks Milo to keep an eye on his orchestra overnight and to wake him up at 5:23 a.m. for the sunrise. Milo wakes up at 5:22 a.m. and decides he should let Chroma sleep in and conduct the orchestra himself. Th colors at first seem normal at first but Milo quickly loses control, which causes the colors to become all wild and mismatched. Finally after the sun has risen and set a full 7 times he gives up and drops his arms. Its 5:27 a.m. and it looks like night agian, Chroma then suddenly runs up completely unaware that 7 days have gone by. Alec leads Milo, Tock, and the Humbug to the end of the forest of sight, where he bids them good bye and gives Milo a telescope as a gift to see things as they really are.
The three travelers pile back into their electric car and soon drive up to a carnival-style wagon admiting the sign "KAKOFONOUS A DISCHORD, DOCTOR OF DISSONANCE." Inside they find doctor Dischord himself, a man with ears bigger than his head. Dischord mixes up a disguisting sounding substance that Milo and his friends refuse. Instead of wasting it he calls for the Dynne, a terrible smoke monster sidekick who gulps down the concotion. They start explaining how important noises are to life and how wonderful, and before they make their rounds they tell Milo to be careful in the Valley of Sound. When entering the Valley of Sound Milo can immediately tell why Dischord and Dynne are so afraid of it, there is no sound at all. As Tock was scared that over his silenced tick, a crowd of people holding protest signs about the silence comes down the road. One of them holds up a blackboard and writes the story of the Valley of Sound's loss. Once he was done writing the story the blackboard man asked Milo if he could help by going to the Soundkeeper's fortress and stealing a sound they could use to destroy the fortress, Milo agrees and goes along with Tock and Humbug to te fortress.
The Soundkeeper invites the visitors inside and gives them a tour of the vault where she keeps every sound that was ever made. The Soundkeeper then demonstrates how her sounds are stored, by having Milo seak then she walks over to a filing cabinet where Milo's hello is neatly stored. Then she gives them a tour of the laboratory where sounds are invented and are visible. Milo tries to reason with the Soundkeeper about the silence in the valley, but she will not listen. He quickly and silently goes out the door taking his sound with him. Milo hurries back to the mob where he puts his stolen sound in a large cannon. When fired the sound shatters the walls of the fortress and all the sounds come crashing out. After a few seconds of noisy confusion the dust settles and Milo sees the Soundkeeper sitting on a pile of rubble. He goes to apologize for helping to destroy her fortress and the Soundkeeper undestands. She realizes it was her fault for taking away all the sounds and that silence is not the solution. Dynne comes running up with a large sack of sounds that aren't noisy enough for his taste. He'd gathered up almost all the sounds form the vault, which the Soundkeeper happily accepts. She gives Milo a box of sounds to remember her by and wishes him good luck on his quest. They pile back into the car and find themselves soon riding along the Sea of Knowledge. They discover its easier to jump to conclusions then to jump away, they have to swim back to shore. Milo makes a comment that he's learned a lesson to not to jump to conclusions agian, and the three travelers continue their jorney. Milo, Tock, and Humbug come up to a fork in the road where they meet the Dodecahendron, a man with 12 faces each showing a diferent emotion. Milo asks which fork he should take to get to Digitopolis, the Dodecahendron replys with a series of ridiculous story problems. He explains that none of the three roads is correct and that he was foolish to have thou just because there are three roads that one of them was right. The Dodecahendron offers to escort them to Digitopolis and hops into the car. They stop to see the numbers mine, where digits are chisled out of stones. Inside they meet the Mathemagician a man who carries a pencil and uses it as a wand. The Mathemagician explains the functions of the mine to them and invites them to lunch. Chapter 15 They eat subtraction stew which makes you hungrier instead of fuller. After the meal, the Mathemagician transports the group to the his workshop where he uses his magic staff to amaze the group with mathematical tricks. Milo asks which number has the greatest value the Mathemagician then gives a long speech about infinity. He leads Milo to a staircase that he says will lead to infinity Milo happily starts climbing, telling Tock and Humbug that he should be back in a few minutes. Chapter 16 Milo gives up on his trip to Infinity and returns to the Mathemagicians workshop, where Milo brings up Rhyme and Reason. When Milo said Azaz has agreed to release the princesses the Mathemagician rejects the idea since he and Azaz never agree. Then the Mathemagician agrees and gives Milo a mini version of his magic pencil as a gift. Milo and his friends leave Digitopolis and head toward the Mountains of Ignorance. As they continue up a dark path, a mysterious voice in the distance keeps making puns with their words. The Everpresent Wordsnatcher (a very filthy bird) presents himself and explains his mission is to take others words and twist them to make jokes. After more climbing Milo, Tock, and Humbug reach a flat of the mountain where they find a well-dressed man who has no facial features. Although his alarming appearance, he seemed very friendly and politely asks for help on a few tasks. He tells Milo to move a pile of sand a grain at a time, Tock to drain a well using an eye dropper, and Humbug to dig a hole through the mountain with a needle. Since the man appears to be nice the three travelers accept their tasks. Then soon hours have gone by with no end in view. Chapter 17 Milo figures he could go on forever, then he decides to use the magic wand the Mathemagician gave him to figure out how long it would take him to finish his task. Milo encounters the man and finds out he is the Terrible Trivium (the demon of petty tasks and worthless jobs). They run away from the demon running up the increasingly steep path with the Trivium not far behind them. Then a voice from nowhere begins shouting seemingly helpful advice, guiding the three through a confusing part of the trail. Before they know it they drop into a deep pit and understand they've been tricked. The owner of the voice introduces himself as the demon of Insencerity. He warns Milo and his friends to not even try to escape the pit. Tock and the Humbug quiver in fear, but Milo takes out the telescope that Alec gave him that would show things as they really are. He takes a look at the demon of Incencerity and sees he's a small, pathetic looking animal. Crushed by Milo's awareness of the truth, the demon drifts away while the travelers climb out of the pit. They continue on the path and when stopping to rest, find themselves in the hand of the Gelatinous Giant. They do not notice the giant until he introduces himself because the demon tries hard to look like whatever is around it. Milo pulls out the box of words that King Azaz gave him and scares the giant away with it. So the travelers continue on their way agian. Exposure of their journey has spread across the demon network and soon an entire assembly of monsters is on their trail. Once they spot this horrible group Milo, Tock, and Humbug go along at a much quicker pace. Chapter 18 Racing ahead the three friends come upon the staircase to the Castle in the Air. When they reach the first step, they see a little man at a desk with a huge book on it. The Senses Taker asks a bunch of questions about the travelers and writes down all the awnsers. Milo drops his box of sounds the Soundkeeper gave him, the box broke open and explodes with laughter pulling Milo from his trance since humor is the one sense the Senses Taker cannot enclose. The travelers walk up the stairs, they reach the castle and meet the princesses of Sweet Rhyme and Pure Reason who had been expecting them. Milo stumbles giving an apology about his trip taking so long because of his mistakes, the princesses encourage him that theres nothing wrong with mistakes as long as he learned from them. They explain learning is important, but learning how to use the lessons is important too. The talk of learning is interfered by the demons, who tear apart the staircase and send the castle floating off into space. Since time flies Tock volunteers to get everyone back to the ground safely. The group piles on his back and Tock jumps out the window. Chapter 19 Tock carrying the group on his back, floats down from the Castle in the Air and lands with a sudden bump. The group quickly starts running down the Mountains of Ignorance as the crowd of demons spots them and follows. Milo looks over his shoulder and sees the monsters that appear to be gaining on them. As the demons have caught up and are about to pounce they suddenly stop. Milo looks up and sees the armies of Wisdom, led by King Azaz and the Mathemagician coming towards them. The demons turn and go back to where they came from. There was a huge celebration and all the people Milo met during his journey show up to congratulate him for finding Rhyme and Reason. King Azaz finally tells him the secret he told him about in Dictionopolis the mission to save Rhyme and Reasonvwas actually impossible. After Milo and his friends enjoy the celebration the princesses tell Milo that its time for him to return home. He shares goodbyes with all the people he's met in the Lands Beyond, and sets out on the highway in his electric car. Chapter 20 Milo comes up to a tollbooth like the one in his bedroom and passes through to find himself where he began. Only a few hours had passed when he was in the tollbooth, its near nightfall and Milo decides to go to bed. The next day begins, Milo goes to school thinking of making his next trip through the tollbooth. When he goes home into his bedroom the tollbooth id gone. In its place was a note that explains other children need the tollbooth and that he can explore more on his own. Milo can now adventure on his own and he thinks of the world in a whole new and different way.
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