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Allusion Examples in Dante's Inferno

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Jeffrey Barber

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Allusion Examples in Dante's Inferno

Allusion Examples in Dante's Inferno
In the story of Dante's Inferno there are various references to things such as The Bible and other tales such as Julius Caesar etc.
Dante's inferno also makes references to real people such as Cassius and Brutus, who were being chewed in the mouth of Satan for the greatest sin: Betrayal.
First allusion example
Second Allusion
Over the course of the story we see various references to the bible such as heaven called paradiso and hell called the inferno and also the different levels of sin.
Third allusion
The third allusion is when Dante and Vergil were in hell and they saw two of Dante's former enemies. Of Dante's enemies was eating the other ones skull. That is an allusion of Dante's two enemies. This occurs when Dante enters the one of the lowest sections of hell that has begun to freeze over.
What is an allusion
An allusion is an expression to call something to mind without saying a word. A shorter definition would be a refrence.
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