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jeff allred

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Maine

sports and recreation In Maine you can visit sixty-two lighthouses and has the best sea food in America. Visit Maine's beautiful landscape. state tree: the Eastern White Pine state bird: Black-Capped Chickadee. Maine state flower:White pinecone and tassel. state animal: a moose History
The first people to live on Maine were the Abenaki, a indian tribe. The Abenaki lived in houses called wig-woms. The The british fought the French for Americaian land, including Maine, in New Englandon and off from 1689 to 1763. The French had won the war, but the Indians were still there to fight. France lost against them, and a treaty gave Britain most control of America. Major Cities state tree:eastern white pine
state bird: Black-capped chickadee The top four cities in Maine are Portland, Lewiston, Bangor, and West Scarborough. The Europeans that came to see "the new world" traveled on the coast of Maine. You can go fishing, kayaking, ATVand you can even visit the beach. You can also go in the mountains to play winter sports or go hiking. Facts and Figures The nickname for Maine is the pine tree state. There is around 1,200,900 people in Maine. Maine’s motto is “Dirigo” or “I direct”. Maine became a state on March 15, 1820.
Maine’s capital is Augusta, but is not the biggest city. The biggest city is Portland. Maine is only by one state, New Hampshire but has provinces such as New Brunswick and Quebec in Canada. Maine produces the most lobster, blue berries, and toothpicks in the country. Maine even has the biggest lobster boiler and can boil 5,000 lobster in a hour. Some of there natural resources are there fertile soil, which is good for farming, and others such as there forests, granite, limestone, stone, and garnet are resourses. Blue berries, toothpicks, lobster, potatoes, and paper are also their big products.
There is plenty of things to do in Maine such as visiting sixty-two different lighthouses or eat some of there famous lobster. Each year there is a lobster festival in August. Maine also has some of the best sea food in America. If you like to hike or play winter sports, Maine is the place to go!
the bas sport teams baseball teams the Portland sea dogs Hockey The Maine Black Bears
Portland pirates
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