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No description

Savanna Lentz

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Trash

Trash By: Andy Mulligan
Raphael- A garbage boy in Behala dump site; finds the leather satchel; 14 years old
Gardo- Raphael's best friend; also a garbage boy; serious; 14 years old
Rat (Jun Jun)- about seven years old; sly and sneaky; bone-thin; lives with rats (hence the name)
Jose Angelico- a man who was beaten in a police station for stealing six million dollars from Senator Zapanta
Pia Dante Angelico- Jose's Angelico's daughter
The setting of the book Trash is a dump site in Behala. In this place, the ground is covered in trash, the houses are bolted together metal cargo bins, and has a school inside called the Behala Mission School. In the book, the description of Behala is " a rubbish town, the piles stack up- you could climb forever up and down the valleys of garbage. The mountains go right from the docks to the marshes,one whole long world of steaming trash..."
One day Raphael and Gardo are sorting through the trash and find a leather satchel. In the satchel is a map of the city, a key, and a wallet with 1,100 pesos in it. Raphael and Gardo hide it, and the next day the police came looking for these items. They accused Raphael and took him into their office and beat him. Raphael got away and ran. He went back to the dump site and told Gardo everything. Gardo then thought that they should go talk to Rat (Jun-Jun). He lived under a garbage belt, so no one knew about him. Rat then used the key to unlock a secret about Jose Angelico and all his secrets.
A man named Jose Angelico stole six million dollars from Senator Zapanta. Jose was a house boy for the senator. He tried to build up Zapanta's trust so he could get the combination to the safe where the senator kept all of the government money he stole for himself. Jose tried to prove that Senator Zapanta had stolen all the money (which was for the poor), but the police took him in and killed him in their interrogation office. Raphael, Gardo, and Rat try to find the six million dollars that Jose hid with all the clues that Jose left. Will they ever find the money?
Point of View
The point of view in Trash is first person. The characters in the book switch on and off telling their feelings in a journal form.
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