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Ekati diamond mine

No description

Mathavan kanisan

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Ekati diamond mine

Double click anywhere & add an idea Introduction Today, we are going to talk about the Ekati diamond mine project. Who is the Ekati diamond mine The Ekati diamond mine is canada's first diamond mine and its now one of the largest mine in canada. What is the Ekati diamond mine The Ekati diamond mine is part of the mining industry in canada. It produces jobs and mine out lots of diamonds to help canada's economy.In the last three years, the diamond produce about 3 million carats of raw diamond. Can you imagine that! Where is the Ekati diamond mine The Ekati diamond mine is located in yellowknife N.W.T and here's a picure of it. When did the Ekati diamond mine started The Ekati diamond mine started its operations on October 14 1998. Why do we need the Ekati diamond mine We need the Ekati diamond mine because thats one of the ways to help canada's economy and to create jobs. Stakeholders The stakeholders that are against the diamond mine are:
kitikmoet inuit association-agianst the diamond mine because of danger to water and wildlife plus the habitat.
people living in the area-against the diamond mine because of noise pollution and air pollution
Canadian environment asessment agency-against the diamond mine due to contributing to pollution
J.W.A-against the diamond mine because of inproper framework plus harmfull affects to the environment
Pros and Cons of Ekati diamond mine The Pros are:
more jobs
good for the economy
The Cons are:
wildlife damage
may run out soon and leave the site abandoned
misuse of water The Diamond Heist of Ekati
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