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Managing Strong Feelings & Calming Down Anger

4th Grade Lesson 11/12

Annie Brumitt

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of Managing Strong Feelings & Calming Down Anger

Managing Strong Feelings
Everyone stand up
Leave yourself some room to move around SAFELY!
What did you do with your body the moment you heard my stop signal?
What is happening to your heartbeat?
Did you continue reciting the ABCs?
What happened to your mind?
When I gave the signal to FREEZE, your body and mind started to relax -- to calm down,
Now I am going to play a music video that will help you remember some of the Calming-Down steps,
Listen carefully to see if you can hear the "Stop" step I just described. Also listen carefully for the other calming down steps!
Did you hear "Stop -- use your signal?"
What other calming down steps did you hear described in the song?
When I say go, jog in place as fast as you can, while reciting the ABCs several times to yourself.
When I say FREEZE, stop and don't move.
Today you're going to learn about and practice the first of the Calming-Down Steps we heard in the song.
Just like I did for you when I gave the signal to FREEZE, the first thing you need to do to calm down is tell your body and mind to stop.
Today you're going to learn how to stop all the chaos that goes on in your brain and body when strong emotions take over.
Who remembers where we left off with Maia?
In today's story, you'll see that using your brain is an important part of calming down.
What were the two things Maia did to begin to calm down?
In the video, Maia used some words as a signal to stop herself from reacting without thinking.
What was her signal?
So, the FIRST thing you need to do is HAVE A SIGNAL.
Take a minute and think of a good signal for yourself, one you might REALLY use.
You will use this signal in an activity later so make sure you remember it!
The next step Maia takes to calm down is to name her feeling.
What did Maia say to name her feeling?
When you have strong feelings, your body automatically sends messages to the part of your brain that just reacts -- the AMYGDALA.
The amygdala doesn't think. That's why you need to activate the thinking part of your brain -- THE CORTEX -- so you don't just react and do something you'll regret later.
You can activate your CORTEX by using the first two Calming-Down steps: STOP -- use your signal, and Name your feeling,
Naming your feeling also helps you put words to what's going on in your BRAIN and BODY. That prepares you to think about how to deal with the strong feelings,
How do you think using a stop signal and naming your feeling can be helpful when you're feeling a strong emotion?
Let's do an activity!
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