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Gregory Dolan

No description

Susan Baker

on 9 May 2018

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Transcript of Gregory Dolan

Gregory Dolan
The Nuer tribe of (south) Sudan


The Nuer tribe live around their Cattle is the most important thing to have. It symbolizes wealth and prosperity. cattle are used for currency in most communities and used as dowries for marrigies and for scarification cerimonies


Scarification is a ritual to turn a boy into a man by the means of scarring ones forehead to make several lines of the tribe
The foods of the Nuer tribe is what all of Africa eats (pretty much) they eat Krissa, a type of bread, and soup with meat and sometimes fish.
The houses of the Nuer tribe are small and made of mud bricks and straw roofs. they are not to strong but they are fine for them.
The conflicts of the Nuer tribe are the Dinka tribe. They constantly fight over water, land, food, cattle and resources.
The Nuer tribe is generally located in Sudan and south Sudan. The center of their land is lake No.
Even though some of the people practice christianity, the main religion is worshiping a god named Kwoth.
On the sudanese flag the red stands for blood, the white stands for peace, the black stands for the black men, the blue is for the Nile, the green is for agrucultural potential and the star is for the the two sudanese countries being united.
In Sudan the usual dress is loose cloth and rags but most of the clothes worn though are robes of many colors
Thank you
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