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Morquio Syndrome

No description

Amber van Niekerk

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of Morquio Syndrome

It is a form of dwarfism
Table of Contents

Sympoms are mental or physical features of a disease
What are some Symptoms?
body grows shorter
body is twisted
legs are shorter
makes the people look like dwarfs
What happens in the body?
No treatment against this
Treatment against the Morquio Syndrome
Thank you for listening!
The Morquio Syndrome
By Rhania, Aadne, Marvin, Amber, and Ann-Kathrin

What is the Morquio Syndrome?
Synoym - mucopolysaccharidosis IV
considered a inheritated disease
The chance of getting this disease is very rare
Some symptoms of the Morquio Syndrome are -
1. What is the morquio syndrome?
2. What are some Symptoms?
3. Treatment against this
4. What happens in the body ?
5. What are some treatments against the illness?
6. Video about a girl which has the morquio syndrome
7. Sources
8. Thank you slide
- large head with a small body
- abnormal development of the spine
- widely or disformed teeth

Searching for treatment

enzyme replacement
Treatment against permanent spinal cord injury is a spinal fusion
Video Clip
both infected by the Morquio Syndrome
Alicica and Haley
By Amber
By Aadne
By Marvin
By Ann-Kathrin
By Rhania
By Ann-Kathrin
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