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Alpha Accelerate - Parenting Courses

Equipping Leaders to Support Parenting Through the Local Church

Matthew Williams

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of Alpha Accelerate - Parenting Courses

engaging with society Equipping Leaders to Support
Parenting Through the Local Church stages of family life new guests marriage preparation course youth group
church admin
children's work
prayer ministry
community projects
family church ministries engagement marriage children teenagers sunday services marriage course parenting children course content marriage preparation
course marriage
course 1. communication
2. commitment
3. resolving conflict
4. keeping love alive
5. shared goals &
values required resources:
guest manual for each guest (2 per couple)
course DVD set
leaders’ guides

additional resources:
the marriage book and the parenting book
leader’s toolkits
intro guides
promo dvd
posters and invitations alpha parenting teenagers course marriage preparation course marriage course atmosphere resources support team support couples serving team wider vision 109 Countries running Relationship Central Courses
6500 Relationship Central Courses worldwide how the courses run why run a parenting course key ingredients Helping parents
connect with
their child(ren) Isolation Confidence special atmosphere
small group discussion
easy to run
any parent or carer
rolling programme suggested room layout Required resources:
Guest manual for each guest
Course DVD set
Leader’s guides how the courses run meal talk discussion suggested timings overview of courses parenting children parenting teenagers small group aims be descriptive not prescriptive welcome serve get the discussion going be facilitators not advisors use open questions arrange the chairs in the best way think of a ball being thrown around the group know when to refer on can you remember a special moment of receiving
support from your family as you were growing up? keep to time national parenting initiative Plan to run a Parenting Course in your church or home in 2012 Register your course at: www.thenpi.org.uk Additional resources:
The Parenting Book / The Marriage Book
Posters and invitations
Introductory guides
Promotional DVD what could you do to invest in the various
relationships in your family? where is your child learning most about building healthy relationships? when do you have the most fun together as a family? did you have fun in your family when you were growing up? love modelling values commitment modelling values our
aim building
foundations meet our
needs setting
boundaries teaching
relationships love modelling values commitment modelling values helping them
make good
choices keeping the
end in mind keeping our
needs setting
boundaries developing
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