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Advancements in Energy Efficient Cars

No description

Matt Becker

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Advancements in Energy Efficient Cars

Fuel Efficiency miles per gallon kilometers per liter Hybrids Gas-Electric Hybrids Gasoline Engine
Rechargable Batteries
Electric Motors Sales of Hybrids Alternative Fuels Biodiesel
Biodiesel is made from many kinds of vegatable oils and animal fats. Electricity
Electricity is used to plug in electric cars and hybrids.
Made in many different ways
Most abundant element in the universe
Top Fuel Efficient Cars California 37% Ethanol Gives lower gas mileage, but costs less
Made from gas and different plants Fuels Being Developed Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Used in heavy-duty vehicles
95% less sulfur P-Series Natural Gas
Biomass Liquid Toyota Highlander Limited Hybrid 29 m.p.g.
$4500 more
Extra 360 pounds
Goes 60 m.p.h. faster Honda Civic Hybrid 41 m.p.g.
$1800 more
18% more power
Slow to drive Popular Mechanics Magazine 5 False Hybrid Myths Cost too much to maintain
Batteries cost too much and don't last
All hybrids are small and weak
Fuel Cell Technology will knock hybrids off the market
Hybrids just cost too much The output you get out of one unit of fuel. says you can easily improve your gas mileage by Make fuel efficiency your priority #1 1999 Honda Insight
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