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my Algonquin project


Katie Hay

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of my Algonquin project

. a wigwam was made using trees and bark. to make the frame , the Algonquin would find young trees called saplings that were 3 to 4.5 meters long. saplings were flexible and could be bent into the curved shape of the wigwam.

. wigwams ranged in size. some were meant for only one person. others could house up to four families
in the winter months, women would sew sleeves on to their dresses to better protect them selves from he cold.

both men and women wore moose or deerskin leggings.

bear furs were used as capes, while the furs of musk rats and beavers were made into mittens and toques
music was an important part of life in Algonquin society.

singing and playing instruments.

nature played an important role in Algonquin .
society and family
they live in a organized way.

the immediate family of parents,children,and grandparents was important in Algonquin life.

To the Algonquin , father's family was most important.
for longer trips they traveled by water using canoes made from birch bark.

the Algonquin some times used special tools to help them move from one place to another.

in the winter the waters were frozen. most winter travel was done by foot.
the Algonquin were know as hunter gathers

deer and moose

snow berries were boiled with mint to make tea

in the summer months, the women spent much of their time searching for plants and preparing food with what they found

my Algonquin project
By: Lexie

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