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Dramatic Tension

Introducing the 4 different kinds of dramatic tension, their definitions and why it is essential to any drama.

Emma Ledlin

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Dramatic Tension


Without tension everything falls apart! It’s what keeps people interested.
1: Tension of the TASK

Tension of task is the tension that arises when a particular task needs to be done or a particular goal needs to be achieved.
There are 4 main types of dramatic tension
There is tension between Harry an Ron in this video
•If tension builds too slowly, it will die in the middle of a scene
•If tension builds too quickly, it may appear ineffective or artificial

•Tension can occur when performers raise their voice.
•The opposite is also true, as tension can also occur with stillness and silence in the drama.
What is dramatic tension?
Thanks for Watching!!!!
3: Tension of SURPRISE

Tension of surprise is produced when something unexpected happens.
2: Tension of MYSTERY!

Tension of mystery is the tension produced when there is something ‘unknown’ that influences the roles and relationships.

Tension of relationships is the tension you will find between roles. This tension can be influenced by status (high and low in the same situation) or just the nature of the role (friends, enemies, parents and children).
The pace and timing of your improvisations is what will make the tension work.
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