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Affiliates and Search Rank


Casey Capshaw

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Affiliates and Search Rank

title Affiliates and Search Rank How can affiliate marketing increase organic search rank? You have a community that loves your product but you have no traffic from google. What is the SEO secret to boosting traffic? You need an engaged community to make the most of an affiliate program, if you don’t have an engaged community, stay tuned for upcoming posts where we will talk about how to build this...and how not to. There are no SEO smart bombs... ...but there is a systematic approach to address the “symptoms” that lead to search engine domination. Here is the Basic Equation: Lesson 1: search engines look for 2 things 1. The content on your website 2. The sheer number of quality people/sites linking to you So how can an affiliate program really make much of an impact on our site visitors? An Affiliate Program can enroll your consumers as Your community is your greatest asset in strengthening your SEO system. evangelists. An affiliate program is a great way to reward your community for helping you out, as well as encouraging them to build your online presence. This affiliate program will encourage your community to build links and profit from their sending you visitors. This is one of the fastest way to build search traffic to your site. Wait...search traffic? You can't measure the success of an affiliate program on the number of sales by your affiliates. what else is there? Affiliate links increase organic search traffic by building the number of incoming links from relevant sources. A high number of keyword relevant incoming links is one piece of the SEO system that will quickly have you outranking your competition and getting more organic search traffic to your site. This organic search traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. Organic traffic is free... ...is of higher quality... ... and the traffic reaches into your market outside of your brand, introducing NEW people to your brand. It effectively increases your market reach... ...for free! Did we mention it was free? Case Study A client of ours had mediocre search traffic for their market’s top tier key phrases and were not even in the top 30 pages for their brands keyword nickname. After 2 years of running the affiliate program the client was able to attract 778+ affiliates. We set them up with our favorite affiliate software and introduced the program to their audience. They are now ranked #1... ...for 7 of their industry targeted keyphrases. The affiliate program generates 120 visitors a day, but more impressively, the targeted search phrases generate 13,000+ visitors per month. 778 affiliates built link credibility enabling #1 ranking for targeted keyphrases equalling 13,000+ visitors per month. If our client had purchased this traffic using Adsense it would have cost them $130,000+ per month. This is Huge! Affiliate programs are an intensely powerful tool to build search rank and increase organic search traffic to your site. The benefit of the affiliate program is not measured by the volume of affiliate sales. Rethink how an affiliate program might benefit you or your clients business today. Create an Affiliate Program
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