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Right Omega-3 Faty Acid

No description

Rachel Bezaire

on 18 January 2011

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Transcript of Right Omega-3 Faty Acid

My Presentation! What is Omega3? Lunch Dinner Snack More on Omega3 Today I will be teaching you about Omega3 Fats. Throughout my presentation I will be offering you food. It is your choise wether or not you would like to try it. Does anyone know what Omega3 is? Omega3 is a fatty acid. There are 3 different types of Omega3 fats, ALA(alpha-linolenic acid) DHA(docosahexaenoic acid) EPA(eicosapentaenoic acid) Our bodies make DHA and EPA from ALA, but we can not make very much. Omega3 fats have many health benifits. They, are important for babys development in the brain, nerves and eyes, and it reduces your risk of heart didease. might improve your immune system, might help in perventing dementia and Alzimers disease, help lower high levels of blood fats, which is the opposite of what bad fats do, it also reduces the stikiness of palets, which means it reduces the amout of cells that stick together and form clots in your arteries, For breakfast if you would like to make sure you are getting your Omega3 you could have a Apple Cinnamon Muffin. Does anyone know how you're getting Omega3 from these Muffins? In these Muffins there is 3 ingredients that contain Omega3 Fats, ground flax seed, canola oil, and eggs. In one of these muffins there is 2.7g of Omega3. For lunch you could have Flax Pancakes. Can anyone guesse how much Omega3 is in these pancakes? Well in a regular sizaed pancake there would be 0.73g of Omega3. Now for a snack you could have Chocolate Chip Cookies with flax seed. Does anyone know how you are getting your Omega3 from these cookies? In these cookies there are 2 ingredients that contain Omega3 fats, eggs and ground flax seed. There is 1.3g of Omega3 in 1 of these cookies. For dinner to get your Omega3 you could eat salmon sandwichs. Can anyone guesse how much Omega3 is in one salmon sandwich? Well in one full salmon sandwich there is 3.6g of Omega3. But right know in these miniture salmon sandwichs there is 0.9g of Omega3. Right now you are getting 0.18g of Omega3. Technicaly nothing will happen if you do not consume Omega3. If you want to increase the amount of Omega3 in your diet you can, use canola and/or soybean oil while cooking and baking. use grinded flax seed in baking and cooking instead of normal flax seed to increase the the amount of ALA absorbed by your body, have a fish night once a week or eat a salmon or tuna sandwich once a week, instead of using normal eggs use Omega3 eggs, add walnuts or tofu to your salads, and choose margrine made with canola and/or soybean oil. At our age we should have an intake of about 0.7-1.2g of ALA every day. There is no specific amount of DHA or EPA we should be eating daily though. Today if you tried everything I brought to eat you have consumed 1.38g of Omega3. Are there any queations you guys have about my presentation? Thank You! Breakfast Women 19 and older should get around 1.1g per day There is no limit to how much Omega3 you can consume. There are lots of foods that we eat every day that have Omega3 in them. Such as, Omega3 yogurt(0.50g), cooked eggs(0.12g), atlantic salmon(1.60g), canned tuna(70g), cooked navy or pinto beans(17g), blackeyed peas(0.11g), cooked soybeans(0.76g), pecans(0.25g), english walnuts(2.30g), and Omega3 margrine(0.36g). Those where only a few examples of food that have Omega3 in them. Flaxseed is a great way to get your Omega3 because you can put it in anything.For example, in your water or juice, add a little bit to your baking, and my personal favorite in your smoothies. To help your body change ALA into DHA and EPA try not to eat foods with high amounts of transfat and saturated fats. Also try to limit safflower, sunflower and corn oils. Some foods contain ALA and others contain EPA and DHA. It contains ALA if on the ingredients list there is, flax oil, canola oil, soybean oil, or walnuts. It contains DHA and EPA if on the ingredients list there is, fish oil(MEG-3) or agal oil. Some other products may still have DHA and/or EPA in it. This is because of the special feed some farmers give their cows and hens. Can anyone guesse how much Omega3 is in these muffins? Can anyone guesse how you are getting your Omega3 from these pancakes? Well in these pancakes there is two ingredients that contain Omega3, flaxseed and eggs. Can anyone guesse how much Omega3 is in one of these cookies?
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