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Ten Things About Me

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 3 December 2015

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Transcript of Ten Things About Me

I really don't like tuna. Sometimes it makes me gag.
Olives taste bland and smell horrible. I'll only eat them on pizza.
I hate bugs. They are really creepy. Especially earwigs and spiders.
I love to write. I have tried to write my own books.
Kyler Wood
Ten Things About Me
I really like music. I can play piano and am learning the cello.
I love these guys!
I love to read. I can read for hours a time.
I have always liked school.
School is very important. At school, we learn things that can help us in our lives. You might not think you'll use it in life at first, but eventually, most of what you learn in school will give us useful knowledge for everyday activities. Some people may argue that school is pointless and just a waste of time, but we learn useful things and have tome to socialize with friends! Most people don't like homework, but it's really just practice to make sure we understand the material. In conclusion, school is good and will benefit everyone.
Cats are the best animals ever!
I really don't like sports. I would rather read.
Canned Green Beans
I hate canned green beans. They're all mushy and gross.
I will eat them homegrown. We grow them every year.

Bugs are really creepy and bad.
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