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Talent Acquisition Attraction & Retention Strategies

No description

Caroline Mata

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Talent Acquisition Attraction & Retention Strategies

Talent Acquisition Attraction & Retention Strategies
MROC 2015
Launch Hire Referral Program - April 2015
Enhanced benefits & compensation
Internship Program
Program presented to create pipeline
Structure finalized & approved by business April 28, 2015
Prepare students for a dynamic workforce
Launch second semester
Job Fairs 2015
Benefits review
Increase salary offer for specific roles
Offer standard language bonus
Offer schedule stability with plus or minus one hour difference depending on volume
Review permanent status possibility after 3 months
Adjustments for existing employees
Monthly review of attrition metrics to secure retention strategies
La Salle (virtual) : 3000-5000 visitors
May 11 -16, 2015
Bumeran (virtual) - pending
Pending dates
World Trade Center - 20,000 visitors
Pending dates
Aimed to professionalize workforce
Tied to strengthen behaviors
Three flyers of five already sent
Pending: contract photographer for potential photo opp for Workday

Dress Code Campaign
Integrating generations in the teams
Hiring Excellence Workshops

Western Union:
MXN750 in gift card
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