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The Layers of the Earth

Take a wild guess By my little sis- Amilah, for extra credit.

Saarah Eoonous

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of The Layers of the Earth

THe Layers of the EArth . . . Amilah Eoonous Abby Luscombe . Aolani Brown Reanne DeGraff Isn't it amazing how into detail I can go To remember the four layers of the EArth here are a few simple steps: For the iron core think of a metal rock band For the outer core think of something outside of something else. Like whipped cream on pie. For the mantle think of lava like this And last for the crust think of the crust on pie. (I am really craving some pie right now) Inner Core Outer Core Mantle Crust Copyright 2011 the end ... or is it ... nah, it's really the end :) nah, it's really the end:) By:
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