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What is Class Messenger?

No description

Class Messenger

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of What is Class Messenger?

Specialized, intelligent messaging
Wow...what else does it do?
Privacy & Security
How do I get started?
What is Class Messenger?
Private 2 way messaging designed for k-12
Available online, iOS app, Android app
Sends messages to mobile apps and email
Simple to set up; simple to join; simple to run
Different options allow for messages between:
Teachers to Parents or Students
Parents to Parents
Teachers to Teachers and Administrators
I use blank* and it works fine...
(here's why you'll never use "blank" again)
Instant, simple two way messaging in your pocket
Mobile messaging > passive posting (blogs, Twitter)
Downloadable log of every message
Keeps all contact info private
Read receipts tell you who has read your messages
Order Forms, Surveys, Donations, Volunteer and Meetings:
specialized messages reduce Teacher workload
response rates go WAY up
summarizes results in real time
'intelligent messaging' follows up for you
Messages can be scheduled and repeated
Multiple pictures and documents can be attached
Parents can message other Parents**
Roles for Administrators, Volunteers & Teachers
**Teacher sets this option
Specialized messages save time
Specialized messages save time
Members respond with a single touch
Teachers see who has responded,
who has not and what they think
Set an RSVP date and we (not you) follow up only with those who need it
...and more message types:
set multiple roles (drivers, ticket sellers, etc)
set a goal and we stop asking when you reach it
set items AND let members create their own
set a goal and we stop asking when you reach it
Parent night will never be the same
Ts set timeslots, Ps pick them
(like a airplane set on a travel site)
Messages come any way you want
Multiple pictures and documents can
be attached to messages
Messages can be scheduled for any
time and set to repeat if necessary
Mobile apps come with Dropbox and
Google Drive integration
Staffroom is a private network
just for Teachers and Administrators
Log in to the application on any computer
Use the
app on your Apple or Android devices
Clear, mobile responsive emails
Parent to Parent messaging
(optional set by Teacher)
No Members see a Teacher phone number or email address

No Parents or Students see ANY other Parent or Student info

Our message log keeps a record of all messages for audit

100% COPPA compliant

No advertising
Build a Class
Parents, Students or Teachers sign up
We send welcome messages to everyone
(online or with the app...smartphone NOT required)
30 seconds
30 seconds
(up and running in about a minute)
a blog
any LMS
(like a daily 6am wake up for the basketball team)
(imagine trying to instantly Survey the whole staff or set a Meeting time with email or other messaging services)
ONLY Teachers can turn on
Parent to Parent messaging
..but Parents control their settings
Less 'go between' work for Teachers
'Class Helper' Parents can launch Surveys, Order Forms
Parents message each other without revealing email addresses
Parents can block a 'thread' (a discussion they don't care about)
Parents can block other Parents if they need to
Parents can 'opt out' of Parent messaging any time
Thank you.
To learn more: https://www.classmessenger.com/learn-more/
For support: support@classmessenger.com
Follow us: https://twitter.com/classmessenger

By the way, if someone says, "it's just like Remind" we're not..please read this:
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