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Similarities and Differences/ Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley

No description

Sara Khan

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Similarities and Differences/ Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley

Background Information
Mr Bingley is a wealthy bachelor who has moved into the house of Netherfield, in the Bennet's neighbourhood.

Mr Darcy is a close friend of Mr Bingley's who is also an eligible bachelor, and has moved into a large estate named Pemberly, in Derbyshire.
Mr Bingley
Mr Bingley is a idealistic character in the social context of Pride and Prejudice. He is represented as the caricature, of perfect men; wealthy, kind hearted, good looking.

He is first introduced, creating the first plot development, introducing us to Mr Darcy. He moves the plot forward with his relationship with Jane too.

In contrast to Darcy, he is idealized but only in a one dimensional portrait - clearing him of a complex character, by which we see from Darcy.

Little development as a character, only that he gains a sense of independence, with the blessing from Darcy, instead of the guidance.
Both are fairly rich: Darcy’s estate is rumored to be ‘ten thousand a year’, while Bingley is not that poor either(being worth 'four of five thousand a year'').

They both are rich males(and therefore in the eyes of Mrs Bennet, potential suitors) that come from out of town, Darcy coming from Derbyshire and Bingley coming from ‘the north of England’.


Darcy is relatively polite/cold, as evident by his distaste for what he deems common, while Bingley is ‘lively and unreserved’.

Darcy - Multi-dimensional.
Bingley - One-dimensional.

Darcy is very critical, insightful and simultaneously pessimistic. Whereas Bingley is significantly more optimistic.

Darcy worked for his money, through natural wit, intelligence and insightfulness. Whereas Bingley inherited his money, from his deceased father.
Mr Darcy
He is a portrait of the upper-class and their problems, mainly pride(which Austen seems to be obsessed with).

He could be considered an idealized figure, but shows different parts of his character and is therefore complex.

His slow change is an important part of the novel's development, and he plays an important role in the story's development.

Purpose is to show Elizabeth the faults in her character to develop.

His character changes immensely throughout the course of the novel, developing the plot line and our admiration for him.
Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley - Similarities and differences
Differences (cont.)
Bingley is too kind: Elizabeth calls him 'the slave of his designing friends'.
Meanwhile, Darcy is rather apathetic towards almost anything regarding life(sic)

Bingley doesn't really develop, while Darcy's character change marks important points in the novel.

Bingley is too obedient to Darcy's advice, which does not always lead to a suited outcome. Darcy acts as the father figure, or older brother figure to Bingley. Bingley has a sense of blind trust, and excessive confidence in Darcy.

Similarities (cont)
They both display passion for their desires. In this case, Bingley to Jane and Darcy to Elizabeth.

They have faith in one another, and are very supportive and advising in situations, creating a strong friendship.
Mr DArcy
Mr Bingley
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