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Budapest version fb st. sm

No description

cristi v

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Budapest version fb st. sm

Credibility Relationship Opportunities Social Media and Movements imizing your impact Max Do I know them? Do they know me? Do they care about me? Do we have an emotional connection? Do they have good intentions? What do they have to offer? Share your meetings Fanpage + personal profile ! ! ! Is this worth it? How? What about ? Share Pictures Events Short videos Inspirational quotes, resources Groups vs Fanpage Why would people share anything? Please notice me! a father, man of faith, respectful, well meaning Follow Monitor (list)
Comment Build Fell on ice, broke one leg, now in the hospital, tomorrow surgery
Expecting some reactions to this tweet :) the best present I received while in hospital People are inviting you
to a conversation All the time! Be Polite
Be Positive
Aim to win the person not just the argument
Seek for opportunities to meet face to face Always Cristian Voiculescu voiculesti@gmail.com facebook.com/voiculescu http://bit.ly/SocialMediaMovement Case study 2 couples in his team
A new mother
very few students involved
They were not allowed to distribute the SSks in the University
Ionut Popescu New Team Leader Investment $212 bought ~ 950 fans an additional $27 for promoted posts brought 40 more page likes Results Men are from Mars, women are from Venus - 35 new students Dependence vs Independence - 15 new students Public Speaking - 65 new students Short films festival - 50 new students VS 2-3 or none the previous year Good practices Start the promoted post campaign at least 3 days before the event
Promote a picture instead of an event. Put the info in the picture description
Have them register for the event - a small commitment
(if they don't come to this one, you have their email address and you can invite them to other events)
Update the page 2-3 times a week - keep the audience engaged
Ask your friends and fans to like and share

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