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Prezi for LEAD

No description

Nancy Lewis

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Prezi for LEAD

Getting Started
ISD interested in creating model would make learning more relevant and give students a head start.
Our research found students in career academies are more likely to graduate, make better grades, and have less absenteeism.
Approached by Chamber of Commerce
Ford Next Generation Learning (an arm of the non-profit Ford Fund) had already "created the wheel."
Creating the Road Map
6 months
62 community members, business leaders, ISD administration and staff, and parents
Started with goals:
Increase graduation rate to 87 percent
Decrease dropout rate to 2.5 percent
Develop 5 new academies per school
Increase business partners by 10 percent
Increase industry certifications by 100 percent
Increase AP and dual enrollment by 25 percent
The Three "Strands"
Strand One: Transforming Teaching and Learning

Teacher Externships
Project-Based Learning
Professional Development
The Three "Strands"
Strand Two: Redesigning High Schools

High Quality Schools of Study
Individual Learning Plans
Evaluation Data and Accountability

The Three "Strands"
Strand Three: Sustaining Change through Business Leadership and Parent Support

Businesses Provide Internship and Externships
Businesses Help to Guide the Programs
Businesses determine "real time" industry needs
Parents Walk with Students through Plan
Moving Down the Road
Freshman Academy: Foundation for Success
College Visit
Career Skills Fair
Academy/Pathway Selection
Ten Year Plan
Multiple exit points:
Post High School
Post Technical School
Post College
Post Graduate

Summer Training Including Externship
Hitting the Gas
Creating Career Academies

Two year Plan
Five Academies in Each school by 2016-2017
Each Academy has "pathways"
"Pathways" can overlap (Marketing class could serve students in a Communication Academy and a Business Academy)
Choosing Academies
Academies must:

Prepare Students for Current and Future Marketplace
Be Based on Employment Data: What jobs are out there, and what jobs can create solid income
Support our local community needs
The Road to College and Career Readiness
ISD's Master Plan
Choosing Academies

Year One (2015-2016 School Year)

What does this mean for businesses?
Businesses Commit to:
Internships for Students
Externships for Teachers
A position on Industry Council guiding academies

Businesses Gain:
Create systems that produce their "model employee"
Pick and Choose Best and Brightest
A fresh perspective regarding their business

Software Development
Web Development
Computer Maintenance/
Choosing Academies

Year Two (2016-2017 School Year)

Health and
Public Service
Biosciences (PTLW)
and Nursing
Visual Arts
Mass Comm/
Arts and
Down the Road
Plan to add additional business and industry partners

Each year, academies will be evaluated re: effectiveness and viability

What does this mean for teachers?
Each teacher will be a part of an academy
Teacher will become a part of a teaching team
Teams will meet weekly and plan their coursework so that it weaves together to meet Academy goals
Teachers will take part in business externships
Teaching becomes more relevent
Classrooms become more project-based

What does this mean for students?
Students will choose an Academy as freshmen
Each student will be enrolled in an academy by 2016-2017
All required courses will be academy focused
(example: writing in engineering academy will be geared more toward technical writing)
Students will be able to change Academies if they find their skills and interests aren't suited
Students will still be able to take electives outside of their acadmies

What will students gain?
Students will be learning information and skills that will apply directly to their chosen career
Students will be able to see the relevance of what they are learning
Students will gain "real world" experience in internships
Students will make connections with potential future employers
In certain academies, students will be able to gain certifications before graduation
Students will have a distinct advantage over others their same age when applying for college or a job

What does this mean for our community?
Workforce trained with today's skills more likely to entice industry considering locating in the metro
Business already located here will not have to look any further than their own city for qualified workers
Families considering relocation will have even more reason to move to Independence
Could easily affect employment rate as all of our students will have a plan for their future and the skills and connections to land a job

The ISD: Who we Are
14,500 plus students
1,500 plus pre-K
2000 adult learners at 6 sites
2,500 plus full and part time staff
29 schools
Fully Accredited
Known for Setting the Bar high and Encouraging Innovation
Focus on Four Pillars of Success (literacy/math computation and problem solving/attendance/college and career readiness)
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