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Colonial Kids

No description

Stacey Schautz

on 9 March 2017

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Transcript of Colonial Kids

By: Haley Pruitt /Jaleal Jacobs

Colonial Kids
They went to school for six moths and the other six months they went to school if they could.
Houses built by the English settlers were small one room homes. They had wooden frames on the outside.
Corn husk dolls
hop scotch
made up games
hunt for fun
They had to work on farms and do household chores. They wash cloths and wash dishes. They will go sheer the sheep and get the cotton and milk the cows.
Girls wore black and white dresses
Boys wore a coat with a hat that made them look like sailors
Hats were made from animal skins
Schools were run by the church
Teachers did not have a lot of tools.
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