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James Ruse

No description

Zoe Grout

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of James Ruse

James Ruse
Convict on board the First Fleet

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By: Liv Hay, Zoe Grout, Sophie Berry & Jaz Schmatloch
James Ruse was born on the 9th August 1759, Cornwall England
Ruse died on the 5th of September 1837 at age 78 in Campbelltown, Sydney.
Ruse was sentenced to death for breaking and entering. It was then overwritten to 7 years in Africa (he never followed through with the intended location of Africa)
He spent 5 years in Plymouth Minnesota.
After an established penal settlement in NSW, he was transported with the First Fleet in 1787
James ruse was a farmer in Launceston, Cornwall, England
He relocated as a framer to Rose Hill Parramatta.
• James Ruse was on board the Scarborough ship in 1787
• The journey took 8 months to arrive from England to Australia, they arrived 1788 in Botany Bay
• A marine on board the ship took a journal of the travels and settlement to Australia, this journal is now valued as one of the most valuable recollections of the time.

Historical Legacy?
History Assignment - James Ruse
• 1782 James Ruse was sentence to death which got overridden to 7 years transportation
• In 1787 they left dock in England and on January 19 they arrived in New South Wales but did not arrive in Botany Bay on January 26th 1788.
• Ruse was granted land to farm to start his new life in Australia.
• In 1790 James Ruse married Elizabeth Parry and then after had 6 children

• James Ruse was sentenced to Australia for the robbery of 2 silver watches
• He was originally sentenced for the death sentence which got overturned to 7 years of travel
• They could not be sent to America as they had just won the war of independence, so the terra-nullius land discovered by James Cook was the place to begin settlement and send the convicts.

• James Ruse’s Legacy was carried through Australia because of his importance in NSW’s farming and land development.
• James Ruse has the school “James Ruse Agricultural High School” named after him, which was founded in 1956
• A road in Silverwater “James Ruse Drive”
• The suburb in southwest Sydney “Ruse’

His granted land in Rose Hill
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