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Stanley Yelnats - Character Study

Division 2

Jason Jiang

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Stanley Yelnats - Character Study

Results Stanley Yelnats - Character Study Mannerisms Influences Motivation Personality "About Him" Stanley is first perceived as an overweight child that is continuously bullied by kids his age. He has a low self-esteem and he hates himself. As the book progresses, Stanley toughens up, loses weight and he starts to feel better about himself. Then he realises that the real problem was with himself. Relationships Throughout the book, Stanley, has formed many relationships with other major and minor characters.

He is the great grandson of Stanley Yelnats l.
He was robbed by Kate Barlow (K.B) who hid the money in the town of Green Lake. Stanley's personality:
- kind
- stubborn
- feels sympathy
He sees the good in everyone (like Zero). Stanley's influences:
- his family
- his friends
- his beliefs/fantasies Character Profile

Stanley Yelnats is the protagonist of the novel ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. Stanley is a young boy who was accused of stealing a pair of shoes donated by basketball player Clyde "Sweetfeet" from a auction.

In court, the judge doesn't believe Stanley that the shoes fell from the sky onto his head. But that's exactly what happened. Stanley Yelnats was given a choice to go to jail or to go to camp green lake. He had never been to camp before so he desided to go to Camp Green Lake. Intro Name: Stanley Yelnats.

Nickname: Caveman.

Overweight Stanley's Changes He is unselfish and kind. He is open-minded and is mentally strong, despite the way others treat him. Stanley is independent and relies on himself. Conclusion Jason Jiang Quiz Time ! Stanley travels to Camp Green Lake as he was given a choice to attend jail or a camp in court. He was also he chose Camp Green Lake because has never been to camp before. Stanley begins to adjust to diggings hole before daylight and the surrounding climate. He develops friendships which increases his confidence. Big Thumb was what Stanley wanted to reach. Zero had then collapsed and Stanley had no other choice but to carry him up to Big Thumb. When they had reached the top, they found water which cured their thirst. Stanley and Zero decided to return to Camp Green Lake in order to find the treasures, where Stanley found the gold tube. Stanley dug and found a suitcase. As Stanley was digging the hole, he heard footsteps coming towards him. Stanley looked up and was surprised to see the Warden. He was caught red handed. He acted calm, even though now he was surrounded by yellow-spotted lizards, crawling around his body. Saved by the suitcase with his great great freat grandfathers name on it (Stanley Yelnates I). The story comes to an end as he travels back home with Zero- and all the suitcase which holds jewels that were in poor quality, which is worth no more than twenty thousand dollars, and a stack of papers that once belonged to the first Stanley Yelnates; stock certificates, deeds of trust, and promissory notes, they turned out to be worth less that a million dollars. Stanley's entrance to Camp Green Lake Stanley's First Hole Stanley's Amazing Discovery Stanley Escapes Captivity Stanley's Collision with Zero The carry up to Big Thumb The Search for the Treasure Caught Red-handed Stanley's Camptime Comes to an End After getting the hang of digging holes in Camp Green Lake, Stanley discovers a gold tube. He struggles to decide whether he should keep the tube to himself or to pass it to X-Ray. His final decision is to pass the tube to X-Ray. Stanley decides to make an escape from in Camp Green Lake after Zero had ran away. He finds his way towards big thumb where he thought Zero may have been heading towards. Stanley has happened to find Zero under a boat. Zero gave 'Sploosh' to Stanley which could have been one hundred year old peaches stored in jars. Time Line of Stanley Yelnates in Camp Green Lake Stanley is:
- quiet boy
- empty
- feels bad about himself
-Stanley changes by digging holes which makes him stronger and fitter.

-He formed friendships with the group D boys, especially Zero. The motivation of Stanley Yelnats.
Stanley was often teased and laughed at.

He was bullied by the school bully, Derrick. A) quiet boy, feels empty, feels bad about himself Question #1 Stanley is a: B) loud boy, competitive, bites his toe nails every night C) lazy boy, intelligent, eats like a pig B) kind, stubborn, feels sympathy
He sees the good in everyone (like Zero). Question #2 What is Stanley's personality? A) mean, has anger management problems,
He sees no good in everyone (unlike Zero). C) Nosy, hyper, has angelman syndrome Question #3 What is the main characters name and nickname? C) Stanley Yelnates, Caveman A) Kevin Jumba, Hobbit B) David Yelnates, X-Ray Question #4 What are Stanley's influences B) his family, his friends, and his beliefs/fantasies A) money, video games, and food C) his teacher, the warden, and his pets Question #5 A) Stanley has changed by being stronger and fitter. What changes has Stanley made coming to Camp Green Lake B) Stanley has changed by being more upset and empty C) Stanley has changed by being more enthusiastic and playful Question #6 He was bullied by the school bully, ___ A) Derick B) Andy C) Rebecca Question #7 Throughout the book, Stanley, has formed many relationships with other... B) major and minor characters. C) smelly and lazy characters A) ruthless and bad characters Question #8 C)
1. Stanley's entrance to Camp Green Lake
2. Stanley's First Hole
3. Stanley's Amazing Discovery
4. Stanley Escapes Captivity
5. The carry up to Big Thumb
6. The Search for the Treasure
7. Caught Red-handed
8. Stanley's Camptime Comes to an End A)
1. Stanley does no get caught running away with the sneakers and the story is over What is the timeline of Stanley's journey in Camp Green Lake Question #9 By: Louis Sachar B)
1. 1. Stanley's entrance to Camp Green Lake
2. Stanley's First Hole
3. Stanley's Amazing Discovery
4. Stanley is released HOLES What is the title and authors of the book A) Holes, by Louis Sachar B) Rocks, by Lou Sachar C) Shovels by Mr. Smith C) Zero, Armpit, X-Ray, Zig Zag, Magnet, Squid Question #10 Who are the Stanley's friends? A) Jackie,Danny,Johnson,Brian,Sam B) The Warden, his counselor, Mr. Sir Stanley and his Friends
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